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10 Games to play over the phone

phone games to play

In this season, you may not be able to visit your loved one in person for a variety of reasons. From COVID limitations to having a loved one in prison, it can be challenging for a family to be able to connect in-person. Regardless of the reason, here are some activities to play over the phone. 

Tell a Story

This is a fun activity to do with your children. Challenge your creative storytelling abilities by creating a story and having the other person finish it. To play, begin a story with one sentence. The next person picks up and adds another sentence, then the next person adds their sentence. Keep taking turns for 5 minutes and try to make the story as silly as possible.  


This age-old game has stood the test of time and is a great game to play over the phone. To play, simply pick a character, a historical figure, personality or loved one, and act out the person until the other person guesses who they are. Even if you are unable to use a webcam on your call, you can still play a variation of charades. Simply give them verbal clues to help them discover who your character is until they guess correctly. 

games to play over the phone

Would You Rather

This is a very easy way to play a game over the phone with no set-up whatsoever. To play, take turns asking the other person fun questions such as “Would you rather be able to speak a foreign language or read a foreign language?”

Have a Drawing Competition 

This is a great way to engage others in a more interactive way. Several ideas for getting started include: drawing the other person, an animal, an object, or a picture of you doing something you love. If you unable to have a video call, have the other person describe what they look like. 

The Rhyming Game

A family-based activity, the youngest starts by saying a word. Then, everyone must come up with a rhymingword. After everyone has rhymed that word, the next person comes up with another word and the game continues. If someone says a word that does “not” rhyme or cannot think of one within 5-10 seconds, they are out.  Keep playing until your time is up or someone wins.

The Word Game

Choose someone’s full name and have everyone say words they can make out of the letters from that person’s name. The first person who calls out the most words in 3 minutes wins. Use the winners name for the next Word Game challenge. 

Impersonate Someone

This activity is a great ice breaker and a fun game to play with or without video. To play, simply choose a person (celebrity, famous personality, or someone you both know) and act like them. Ask them to guess who the person is based on their phrases or mannerisms.

Do a Crossword Puzzle Together 

Choosing an activity, such as a crossword puzzle, is a great way to connect with your loved one over the phone. Word games are great for all ages and helps keep you connected with your loved one in your everyday life.

The Camping Game

The leader secretly decides on a rule and all participants must follow it in order to go on a pretend camping trip. They begin the game by stating that they will be bringing an item that follows that specific rule.  Take turns saying what you will bring: the leader decides if they can or cannot come based on the rule. Keep going around until someone discovers and shouts out the rule. The person who figures out the rule gets to go next. For example: my secret rule is that everything must start with the first letter of each person’s name. I would say, “I am going on a camping trip and I am taking a carrot with me”. Everyone would try to figure out what the rule is based on the “carrot” I am bringing.  If the next person said, “I am going on a camping trip and I am bringing a potato”, but their name stated with a “B”, I would then respond, “You cannot come.” They would then have to think about why their vegetable did not work when mine did.  The next person makes their statement, and the game continues around until someone guesses the rule.

20 Questions

This is a great activity for your entire family; to play, have one person think of a person, place, animal, or thing. The rest of the family has 20 (yes or no) questions they can ask to try to guess it. You can assign a different person to be the thinker for each call so everyone gets a chance to think of something others must guess. This will also build anticipation for your next call.

Overall, these games are a great way to get you started on creating fun, family memories. Whether you are separated by COVID, prison or any other reason, enjoy these moments together as you work toward a brighter future together.