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8 Keys to Building a Healthy Relationship

relationship keys that last

What are the qualities that you look for in a partner?

Does their personality have to be outgoing? Do they have to be hilarious to charm you over? These surface-level characteristics are essential elements in any relationship. When it comes to dating someone, there are a qualities and actions that can make or break the relationahip . Each relationship looks different, but in order for the relationship to flourish, it must require effort. It is important to note that “healthy” does not mean perfect. A couple can still have their battles. With the right amount of effort, the relationship will become strong and healthy with the following qualities and characteristics. 

1 - Respect

When it comes to relationships, respect is king. It is important to know how to respect your partner. Value their wishes and do the same for yourself. You want a partner who would cheer you on when you accomplish something big. You do not want a person who belittles or disrespects you. When there is respect there are no hard feelings. 

relationships that last

2 - Set boundaries. 

Boundaries are crucial. Boundaries are guidelines that help build the relationship. According to Mark Manson, boundaries can work both ways where they create emotional health and are created by people with emotional health. 

"An example of a healthy personal boundary is taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions, NOT taking the responsibility of others. - Mark Manson"

Setting boundaries in the relationship will not only help the couple, but it will also help the individual. They become more aware when things go wrong ands the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. The individual’s self-esteem will increase as well. 

3 - Trust

Trust is another important quality in a relationship. This means believing that your partner would not do anything to hurt you. You should never have to question your partner if there is trust. If there is no trust, then the relationship will become broken. 

4 - Become Independent

When it comes to relationships, its important to set time for yourself. Block out time to spend apart from your partner. Your partner should be supportive of your other relationships, hobbies, and passions. But time spent apart from your partner will help you cherish the time spent together. 

5 - Spend quality time together

Time spent with your partner is the bread and butter of relationships. Learn what your partner likes. Teach your partner what you like. It is important to spend time together to get to know each other. Being to learn their likes and dislikes. Time spent together helps your relationship grow. 


The three c’s are the main three aspects that are quality characteristics that help a relationship flourish, however they require the most effort. The three c’s are listed below. 

6 - Commitment

A committed relationship is when two individuals work on their relationship and have the drive and passion to build and create a successful, healthy, loving relationship. Relationships require effort and work. It is important to show how much you care about your significant other. 

 7 - Compromise

Not only does a relationship require commitment, a relationship also requires compromise. Compromise is when two individuals are willing to make sacrifices in giving up something for the other person. An example of compromising would be deciding what date night would look like. Let’s say your partner likes seafood. You do not like seafood. One example of compromise is finding a restaurant that you both like. A restaurant like Red Lobster offers both seafood and American food. You would be compromising with your partner so he/she could enjoy themselves. 

8 - Communication

Commitment and compromise are great ways to succeed in a healthy relationship, however, communicating with your partner is key. Communication is when the couple openly discusses their dreams and aspirations, fears, and other information that they want to discuss. Do not be afraid of communicating with your partner. Gaining that special trust to openly share information with each other will help you grow together. Listening to your partner will help build trust as well. Relationships take hard work. It requires trust, boundaries, communication & friendship. A great resource to continue to grow as a couple or as an individual is to check out Tyro Greatness: Building Healthy Relationships. Achieve your dream relationship by gaining friendship, faithfulness, fairness, forgiveness and fortitude.