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Christmas Without Daddy

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Christmas is right around the corner.

christmas without daddy tyro blogWhen your husband is in prison, it is hard to experience the same excitement you see all around you. The pain of being a broken family grows stronger during the holiday season. The loneliness is heavier. The sadness is overwhelming as you think of your kids opening Christmas presents without Daddy, or spending Christmas without daddy.

Think of it like stitches.

When you have a big, bloody, gaping cut, it hurts like crazy when they stitch it up – unless you are numbed first! But you suffer through the stitches because you know that, in the end, the cut will heal better if you go through the pain of each stitch (read my blog about next steps).

christmas with a loved one in prison tyro blogMoving forward does not mean “moving on.” Sometimes, you can be so afraid of moving forward and building memories and moments without your husband, that you actually make your circumstance worse. When you move forward, you are not only building a better life for yourself and your children, but you are also building a better marriage – a strong and healthy family for your husband to come home to.

When the pain of having Christmas presents without Daddy seems like too much for you to handle, remember you are not alone. God has made each of us a promise to never leave us, nor forsake us. God is with you, and your husband is on this journey with you too. He may not be standing next to you, but he is standing with you in the fight for your family.

Never give up.

Christmas doesn’t have to be one more thing you suffer through. Make it a beautiful season of learning to be stronger as a family (read Christmas in Prison). Keep your traditions alive and start new ones. Christmas is the perfect season to remember that the best gifts are not things. As you prepare to watch your children open presents without Daddy, prepare to celebrate all that you DO have as a family. Having the right mindset will help you to enjoy the magic of Christmas in spite of the pain!

I am rooting for you!


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