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Communication Skills for your Family

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10 Ways Communication Skills are Important in Your Family

Using clear communication skills in your family can be one of the most important tools for your family. Although there are many more, we found 10 key ways to use your communication skills with your family.

1. Let Others Speak

Learn to be a good listener. Give every single family member time to speak when you’re talking with them. for example, if one of your family members is not respecting another’s time to speak, then address them. Let them know its important to give someone the appropriate amount of time to communicate what they’re thinking. TYRO offers a Couple Communication Course online or in person that teaches talking and listening skills. This evidence-based approach will empower the talker and listener to have healthy communication.

2. Be Honest

It’s almost never worth lying to a family member. For example, telling a family member that an issue doesn’t bother you when it actually does. This type of dishonesty can create resentment and disconnect. If a family member is doing something you need to address, then address it. Avoidance can lead to conflict within your family if you do not.

3. Respect Different Viewpoints

Often, especially in bigger families, your family members won’t be thinking the same way you are about something. Being open minded, taking everything into consideration that your other family members have to say will allow conflicts to be resolved more easily. This is a healthy way to resolve conflict and disagreements.

4. Think Before You Speak

Whether it’s discussing an issue, or making small talk, it’s important to know what you’re going to say ahead of time. Learning how you want to structure your conversation, and/or topics you want to hit on and discuss.

5. Talk Openly, Do Not Hold Things In

Not discussing issues with your family members will potentially lead to these issues never becoming resolved and can cause resentment towards someone in your family, only continuing to make things worse in time.

6. Dinner as a Family

Having dinner as a family gives everyone time to discuss what happened in their day. This is a perfect opportunity to connect, talk about events, issues, and highlights in each of your lives.

7. Family Time on the Weekend

Planning time to spend together on the weekend is a perfect ways to create memories. Time together creates bonds will your family will have the rest of their lives. It’s also an opportunity to unwind as a family, doing something new and exciting that you will never forget.

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8. Do Not Talk AT a Family Member

When an issue arises within your family, it’s crucial to talk about how this issue makes you feel. Avoid saying things to them and say things like, “You do this”, “You do that”, or “I want you to do this”. Instead say, “When you do this, it makes me feel this way” or “When that happened, I felt this…”.

9. One-On-One Time

One-on-one time with a family member can allow them to feel more comfortable. Often, this will help family open up and discuss things they might not feel comfortable discussing with the entire family. It can give someone a feeling of comfort and trust, and will be less overwhelming to everyone in your family.

10. Avoid Talking Behind Someone’s Back

It might feel more comfortable for you in the moment, but talking behind a family member’s back can only lead to drama and gossip spreading throughout your family. Talking behind someone’s back can be fine initially, but this conversation must come out to the open quickly so that things do not get out of hand and conflicts can be resolved.

Don’t forget to check out TYRO’s Couple Communication Course, which is now available to take online! Many of the skills and tools talked about in this blog are taught throughout this program, and can be applied to communication anywhere including within families, between co-workers, and of course between couples!

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