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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Prison Dads

Father's Day

Father’s Day is this Sunday and time is running short to find the perfect give for your father. For many of us, finding thoughtful yet practical gifts for our dads can be quite challenging. Throw the obstacle of incarceration on top of that and it gets even more difficult to do. However, there is no need to fear, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some great gifts ideas for prison dads this Father’s Day:

Hand-Written Letter:

A classic gift, yet perfect for someone who is locked up. A hand-written letter from the kids can make a father really appreciated what he has waiting for him on the outside. This hand-written letter lets the father know you’re still thinking of them, even while they’re on the inside. You can always include a picture of the kids or family as a whole with the letter to make it extra meaningful. Be sure to say happy Father’s Day and remind him that he is loved.

Father's Day


Incarcerated individuals will have a lot of time to read while they’re locked, which makes books another perfect gift for Father’s Day. If you have a gauge on what they like to read, try to get them something that fits their interests. Whether that’s fiction, history, fantasy, scary, personal growth, etc. There are tons of books out there in the world, give him something interesting or thought-provoking to read. Pick up a copy for yourself too and it will give dad and his family something to talk about in letters or during their visits.


Speaking of visits, what better way to let dad know you’re thinking of him than to visit him. Most prisons allow visits on holidays. So take this opportunity to go see dad in person. Just seeing his family can make his whole day, week, or even his whole month. Much like a hand-written letter, it can serve as a good reminder and a bit of motivation to be on his best behavior so he can get out and be with his family as soon as possible.


Care packages are another perfect gift for Father’s Day. That’s because they can include a variety of different little gifts within the package. Most care packages include things like toothpaste, shampoo, food, candy, coffee, other snacks, and sometimes supplies for their hobbies. Usually, prisons will only accept care packages from approved providers. So do some research or even contact the prison and see what you’re able to send dad.