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Funding for Training in High Demand Jobs

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I am often blogging about the importance of changing your lifestyle and setting new precedents in your life. 

Getting a good-paying job is just one part of building a new legacy, but it is an important piece of the puzzle.  So, if you are looking for opportunities to get ahead, I have some exciting news to share with you: THERE IS MONEY OUT THERE TO HELP YOU GET THE TRAINING YOU NEED TO GET THE JOB YOU WANT!


Funding is available to help you

More than ever before, funding is available to help you get on your feet and succeed in high demand career.  Funds are available for almost anyone– including low income, former felons, and veterans.  So how do you find these funds? Great question!  Moreover, all you need to do is spend a little time calling or meeting with people to find out what is available and how to apply for the money.


First, you will want to contact your local job center.

high demand jobs for moms

This is the local government agency that manages job placement and testing services.  Ask them how to apply for WIOA funding for job training, and also ask them what other funding is available in your county to help you get the training you need.  Often, there are agencies with grants from the Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, and/or Department of Justice who also have funds available for job training.


Do not take NO for an answer. 

If they tell you there is no money available, find out when it will be available, and mark your calendar.  The local Job and Family Services (Welfare office) will also have connections to funding to help with job training, job search, and job-related equipment purchases.

The next call you need to make is to your Community College. Community Colleges have access to funding for training AND they often partner with local businesses to help with job placement as well. Their admissions department will help you connect to the right people so you can get the skills you need with the maximum amount of financial assistance available.

No more excuses!  There are many opportunities for you to start a new, exciting career that will help you put your family on a course for success. Not only will training lead to a better job for you, but it also sets a new standard for your children. When they see you working hard to build a better life, they will also be inspired to work harder to reach their dreams as well.  It is time to Dream Again and then chase after your dreams to make them a reality!!

I am rooting for you!