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Games to play in the visiting room

games in visiting rooms

Family visitations are what you make them. Many visiting rooms may feel cold, harsh and intimidating; not very ideal scenarios for family time. Despite this, there are many ways for your family to truly enjoy each other and create long-lasting memories together. 

Snacks – Snacks are one of the best ways to get your visit off to a fresh start. Although, visiting rooms have vending machines equipped with snacks and drinks for your family to purchase during your visit. Don’t forget to bring some petty cash to your next visit. 

Board Games – Many prisons will keep a supply of board games for your family to use. From checkers, to scrabble and dominoes, a board game is a great way to have intentional family time during your visit.


Read a Book – Like board games, most prisons have books on hand for your family to read together. From children’s books, to religious texts and other family-friendly reads, reading a book as a family will help your children connect with their loved ones in prison.

family time read a book


Play a Word Game – Fun games like “I spy” and the “Alphabet game” are fun ways to get your children involved. Other fun games like scattergories or hangman are fun ways to connect as a family. 

Would You Rather – This fun-filled game is great for all ages, especially for elementary age children. To play, think of two things to ask everyone what they would rather have. From bad foods to eat, to silly pets and bad vacation destinations, have your family think of fun comparisons and vote on them.

Crossword Puzzles – There are many ways to create a family crossword. From a crossword puzzle book, to making one of your own, a family crossword will allow for a fun way to stretch your brain. Work as a team to solve the puzzle faster and connect as a family. 

Take a Family Photo – A family photo creates a visit full of happy memories. Most visiting rooms allow for your family to take a photo together. This is a perfect opportunity to capture this moment for years to come.  

Visitations are one of the best ways to keep your family’s bond strong. From board games, to family stories and ice breakers, intentional time together will keep your family united despite the barrier of incarceration.