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Games to Play Over the Phone

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Having distance or a barrier between you and a loved one can be tough on any relationship. Whether you have a loved one in prison or are unable to see your loved one due to COVID-19, phone calls can help shorten that distance. However, sometimes you miss getting to do something more with your loved one, like playing games. Well, why not incorporate games into your phone calls? Here are some fun, family-friendly games you can play over the phone with your loved one.

Guess The Song

Sing some lyrics into the phone but don’t give away the title or the artist. Test your partner’s music knowledge. You can even switch it up and do a fill in the blank with the lyrics to have your partner complete the line of the song.

21 Questions

This simple game is a great way to break the ice. The goal 21 questions is to see if the person asking the questions can guess what is on your mind. Think of anything and have your partner determine what you’re thinking of. They can ask up to 21 questions.

Rhyme It

Another super simple yet hilarious game. Say any word, take turns going back and forth rhyming another word with the original one. The first person to repeat a word or is unable to think of one in 10 seconds loses.

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Movie Lines

Similar to guess the song, say a line from any movie and see if your partner can guess what movie it is from. Give them bonus points if they also guess the character from the movie who said the line.

True or False

Since truth or dare may be difficult in some situations, try true or false. Thus say something about yourself and your partner has to guess if it was a true or false statement. A great way to see how much your partner knows about you.

Never Have I Ever

Hold up a hand, each finger represents a life. Take turns saying something that you’ve never done and if the other person has done it, they have to put a finger down. The first person to have all five fingers (lives) down loses.

Get creative and make your own games with your loved one as well! Who knows, maybe they will remember a game or two from when they were younger. Get creative and spice up your phone calls!