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helping a loved one in prison

helping loved one in prison

Staying connected is one of the greatest challenges facing inmates. For the over 2 million families that are incarcerated in the United States, finding the time, resources, and effort to keep in touch can be difficult. Although it may seem challenging, there are more ways than ever to stay connected with your loved one in prison. Here are a few ways to stay connected. 

Write a letter – There are few things that mean more to someone who is incarcerated than receiving a letter. Not only is the visceral experience of getting a letter something to look forward to, it is the opportunity to write your thoughts and share them in a memorable way. Here’s another article for more tips on writing your first letter.

Have a phone call – Phone calls are one of the most practical ways to stay connected with a friend or loved one in prison. This is also one of the best ways to get your whole family involved. Plan the same time each week to create some consistency for your family and help each other keep in touch.

connecting with a loved one in prison

Investing in their education – Most prisons allow special tablets that have access to music, education workshops, and trainings. Investing in their education is a great opportunity to help your loved one keep growing. Contact your loved one to see what tablets and resources they have available at their institution. 

Send them a snack – Another thoughtful way to show that you are thinking about them is sending snacks. There are certain things you may or may not be able to send to them. Here is one company that allows you to send a customized care package to your loved one.

Legal help – It can seem overwhelming to seek legal help. From managing legal fees, to filing appeals, it is almost impossible to do this without some help. Fortunately, attorneys offer free services, a set aside number of hours each year. Read this article to discover more about how to obtain a pro bono lawyer.

Plan a visit – It can be intimidating and overwhelming to plan a visit, but it can mean the world to them. Not only are you able to see, hear and acknowledge your loved one in a way that you can only experience in-person, but visits are often the highlight of their day. Before you plan your next trip, read this article to learn more about prison visiting rules.

If you have a loved one in prison, it can feel like a helpless situation. Even if you have limited access to your loved one, every interaction will mean the world to them. Creating a routine that allows for your family to keep connected is one of the best things you can do for them. If you have a family member in prison, set aside some time with your family to talk about how you can stay connected.