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How to Prepare for a Loved One’s Reentry

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There is a lot to do before your loved one returns home.

As you make your list, be sure to include preparing your family for changes that are about to happen.  The day you have all been waiting for is coming soon so make sure you are all ready to make this a wonderful experience for your family.

If you are not prepared for your loved one’s reentry, it will be a very bumpy ride for all of you.  it is hard to know what to be ready for if you have never experienced it before.  I can tell you, your life is about to feel like a roller-coaster.  If you are not ready for the ride, it can be terrifying.

Coming home is a big deal

Getting ready for his homecoming includes getting material things ready for him, as well as preparing yourself and your family emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Being prepared can mean the difference between chaos and peace in your home.  It is a big deal.

Here are 8 things you need to do to prepare for your man to come home from prison:

1 - Leverage your support network

Leverage your support network. You will need your support network to help you and your family face every challenge that is about to come your way. Make sure you have people who will pray for you and your family during this transition.

2 - Talk to your kids

Talk to your kids. Find out how they are feeling.  What are their expectations.  Let them share their feelings.  They are probably excited and nervous at the same time.

3 - Reassure your kids they are not alone

Your children are going to need support through the transition of having dad return home.  They need to know they are safe and secure while they get to know Dad and let him back into their lives.  They need to hear that you will all work together to make the transition as smooth as possible.

4 - Get stuff ready for his return

Buy the stuff you know he will need before he gets home. When he arrives, he will feel so much more welcome if he has his own clothes, toiletries, and favorite food in his home. If you are not sure what he needs or likes, ask him.

It seemed like a lifetime since he had lived in the same house with us. Our sons had grown from toddlers to teens. Our lives had changed so much in that decade. But we were filled with excitement when the judge granted our motion “For Justice and Mercy”….

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5 - Get your mind right

Prepare yourself mentally for the changes that are coming. You will need to be ready to share the authority, decision-making, and space in your home.  If you start preparing yourself mentally by imagining how you will actively include him, it will be much easier to make this adjustment.

6 - Do your paperwork

Gather any documents that need to be completed in preparation for his homecoming.  This includes financial documents like bank paperwork to add him to the checking account  and ordering additional credit cards in his name (if you know you trust him—if not, save the financial stuff for later); completing parole or probation paperwork and home visits if needed; gathering documents for Drivers License reinstatement; adding him to the lease if you are renting.  Having as much paperwork completed before he comes home will reduce stress when he arrives. You don’t have to do it all, just know what needs to be done and where to go so he will know exactly what to do when he is released.

7 - Feel great

Take time to relax and balance yourself emotionally.  This means eating right and resting well in the weeks before he comes home.  These small steps will provide a huge return when the stresses that accompany change arrive.

8 - Get your hair cut

Yes, this is important.  Get your hair cut, polish or buff your nails, shave your legs.  Whatever makes you feel beautiful—do it.  Feeling good about how you look brings confidence with it.  Confidence will help you feel good about yourself and also provide the courage you need to support him as he adjusts to the new world he is facing.

Now, you are ready for any challenge that comes your way.

I am rooting for you!