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Learning From Home

learning from home coronavirus

In the midst of COVID-19, we are still adjusting to the new normal.

 Many of us are working or learning from home, while others are laid off from work. A very challenging task that parents are facing is making sure their children are still learning despite being home. Here are some quick tips to ensure your children have the tools to learn form home:


The temptation for children in this time is to treat each day as a snow day. Have your children treat a school day at home just like they would a regular face-to-face class. Some routines to include are setting specific hours designated for school work. Don’t forget to add a lunch break. Setting routines allow your child to stay focused and be productive during what would be their normal hours of class.

Use Zoom:

Zoom is a great source to allow students to still feel like they’re in class. This popular, free video conference service that allows students to connect with their teachers and peers. Zoom is a great resource for group projects and class meetings as it still allows everyone to communicate as they would face-to-face. Video conferences with other classmates and teachers allows everyone to stay connected and socialize which helps to take the edge off being stuck at home.

home education covid-19

Create a Learning Space:

This is no different than working from home. Sometimes it can be a struggle to stay focused with the infinite number of distractions that come with working from home. This is why it’s important to create and maintain a place specifically for learning. Think of it as a home office. It should be as distraction free as possible. With a designated place for learning and routine in place, students should feel just as comfortable with learning from home as they do at school.

REMINDER: Stay positive! This has been a crisis unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime. Stay understanding of the situation and remember that not everyone adjusts easily. Find what works for you and your family! If you have solutions that worked, share them in the comments below.