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Money for Prisoners

Dear friends,

I have important and TIME SENSITIVE news in this post! If you have a loved one in prison, please read this entire blog so you can help them get $1,200 in stimulus money.
The courts just ruled that prisoners DO qualify for the stimulus checks that the IRS denied them. Yes, you read that correctly, prisoners qualify for a stimulus check. Yay!!
In order to get a check, you must act very quickly! Time is running out and if you don’t get your request submitted on time, you will miss this opportunity. You, or your loved one, MUST file a paper return before October 15th to get your stimulus check. If you have a Power of Attorney for them, you can submit it online before November 21st.

Here are the eligibility criteria:

-You are a US citizen or Legal Permanent Resident
-You are not married to someone who lacks a social security number or have a child who lacks one UNLESS you or your spouse served in the Armed forces in 2019.
-You filed a tax return in 2018 or 2019 or you were exempt from doing so because your income in 2019 was below $12,200 a year (THIS IS WHERE MOST PRISONERS WILL PROBABLY QUALIFY)
-You were not claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return

According to the IRS website, all prisoners need to do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Request a Form 1040, US individual Income Tax Return (you can download one from the IRS website, or fill one out online)
  2. WRITE EIP2020 on the top of your form
  3. Enter your name, mailing address (be sure to include your inmate number on your mailing address), and Social Security number
  4. If you are married and filing jointly, you will need your spouse’s social security number as well (it is most likely that you are filing individually, but please check with your spouse)
  5. Check any of the boxes that apply to you (do not claim your dependents if someone else already claimed them!)
  6. Enter $1 on lines 2b, 7b, and 8b
  7. Enter $0.00 on line 11b
  9. If you want your money direct deposited into your bank (not your prison account), add your banking information in the REFUND SECTION 21b-21d NOTE THAT THE ACCOUNT MUST BE IN YOUR NAME.
  10. Otherwise, leave the direct deposit section BLANK
  11. SIGN
  12. Mail before October 15th
    Do the work to get this money and invest it in helping your family during this difficult season.

I am rooting for you!