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More Gift Ideas for Prisoners

gift ideas for inmates

Hello Friends!  I know I have blogged about gifts for prisoners before, but I have even more ideas that I want to share with you.  So, I am going to dedicate another blog to sharing these great gift ideas so you have even more options.  Buying something meaningful for your husband while he is in prison is such a challenge.  Hence it takes thought and creativity to surprise him with gifts that he will appreciate.

In general, there are five basic types of gifts you can get: something he needs, something homemade, something to read, something to wear, something he wants.  I recommend you choose items from different categories each time you send a gift to keep the gift-giving exciting and to keep him guessing!  As you consider your gift-giving options, here are some ideas by category to surely get your creative juices flowing!

Something he needs:

1. Toothpaste
2. Toothbrush
3. Deodorant
4. Soap
5. Towel
6. Washcloth
7. Floss
8. Hair grease
9. Comb
10. Razor
11. Shaving Cream
13. Vitamins
14. Glasses
15.Nail Clippers


Something Homemade:

1. A card
2. A picture you draw
3. A picture you color
4. A paper kiss
5. A paper hug
6. A poem
7. A short story
8. A list of activities to do together at specific times (look at the stars, pause and put your hand your heart, etc.)
9. A list of the 100 reasons you love him
10. A handwritten note of the lyrics to your favorite song
11. Pictures (or list) of the top 10 places you want to go together when he is released
12. A paper star with all the things that you wish for him
13. A chart to exercise together 
14. A letter telling him WHY you are waiting and working on building your marriage stronger
15. A drawing of a flame – cover the flame words that describe your relationship (fun, exciting, etc.)

Something to read:

1. Mystery book
2. Subscription to the local paper
3. Subscription to a national paper
4. Subscription to a magazine
5. Educational book
6. Religious book such as a Bible
7. 30 days of daily letters (this is great for his birthday month!)
8. Poems
10. Readers Digest
11. Fitness book or subscription
12. Letter from his children 
13. Letters from all of his friends
14. Letter from everyone in his family
15. Self-help book


books for inmates

Something to wear:

1. Baseball cap 
2. Beanie hat 
3. Watch
4. Socks
5. Underwear
6. T-shirts
7. Undershirts
8. Sweatshirt
9. Sweatpants
10. Shorts
11. Sneakers
12. Boots
13. Slippers
14. Shower Shoes
15. Gloves

Something he wants:

1. Candy
2. Chips
3. Cookies
4. An extra meal
5. Coffee
6. Sugar
7. Creamer
8. Tablet
9. TV
10. Music (through the approved devices) 11. Movies (through the supported devices)
12. Money
13. Courses (paralegal, etc.)
14. Headphones15. Ask him what he wants (paper, pens, other devices, etc.)

snacks in prison

I am sure this list will prompt you to think about other gifts you can send to your man while he is in prison. If you have any gift ideas you can think of, feel free to comment below. 

NOTE!: Before you buy anything, check with the institution to confirm if he can have it and what the rules are before you send it to him.  Some items can only be purchased through the institution’s commissary or from religious services, and the prison may prohibit some of these things. 

Have fun choosing what gifts to send to your husband and keep building your new family legacy together.

I am rooting for you!