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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Prison Moms

Mother’s Day. A day filled with love, laughter, and family time. A day that we dedicate towards mothers to express our respect, honor, and love for moms. Mother’s Day is a day where we acknowledge the roles and various tasks mothers have.

Mother’s Day 2021 is this Sunday. Buying gifts for your loved ones can be hard, especially when they are not home to spend the day with you. Holidays and special occasions can be hard when there is not a loved one nearby. When you have a mother or a father in prison, it is important to keep in contact. When you have a mother or father in prison, deciding what to get for holidays and special occasions can be hard. Here are some gift ideas for moms who are in prison. 

A Surprise Visit 

Surprises are always fun. Plan to have a surprise visit if possible on the weekend of Mother’s Day. Just spend time together and create memories that your family will cherish forever. 

Mother's Day


Books can be a great gift for a loved one in prison. They will provide your loved ones to escape and it will provide them something to do. A fun idea to have a special connection with your loved one is to purchase two books, one for your loved one in prison, and one for yourself. That way, you can talk about the story plot together and have a connection. If you want to make it really special include a message inside of the cover for a personal touch. 


Photographs are so important. Your loved one will miss seeing your family and life outside. Make sure to include pictures of family and anything that makes you happy that they would like or enjoy. 


Magazines can be a great gift idea for mom. She can keep up with the latest pop culture and fashion trends. Magazines include free samples as well. If your prison rules allow this, she can have a sample of the latest fragrance. 

Fake Flowers 

If your prison allows this, include a handwritten card with fake flowers. Write in the card about how much you love and appreciate your mother. The flowers will be a nice touch and they can be kept forever because they are fake! 

A Care Package

Of course, your loved one will need the basics while in prison. Include a care package with your mother’s favorite soaps and shampoos. Getting your mother’s favorite brands will help her feel more comfortable. In the care package, you can include her favorite coffee and candies. However, it is important to keep in mind the prison rules and only allow what the prison accepts as appropriate. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative, keep in mind the rules, and just know that whatever gift you come up with, your mother will appreciate the love and care in whatever you decide.