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New Year’s Resolution When your Husband is in Prison

Making, and keeping, New Year’s Resolutions when your husband is in prison is painful.

 As people talk about the things they need to work on or change in their lives to become better, you are thinking about the biggest thing you want to change is that your husband is in prison. And yet, there is nothing you can do to bring him home any sooner.  Every other problem pales in comparison to having your husband in prison.

To add to the pain of wanting to change something you cannot change, you are feeling guilty about changing the things you can change.  If you make significant changes to your lifestyle while he is in prison, does that mean that your life is better without him home? Of course not!  Does it mean that you are moving on without him?  No.  You will have to conquer those mind battles so you can move forward FOR your family.

Remember, you are worth having a healthy, successful life.

  You must learn to dream again and find opportunities to make your dreams come true. When you work hard at becoming the best YOU possible, you are investing in your future and preparing a better life for your husband when he does get released. Becoming better is the best way to put love into action for your husband.  You cannot stay the same.  Being broken and stuck will not help him become successful when he comes home.  If you really want to save your family and build a stronger relationship with your husband- work on YOU.

It doesn’t matter what month it is, you can create a plan for a new year, new you.  Decide what YOU need to change about you that will make you a better person, a better partner for your husband, and a better parent for your children.  Share your plan to make changes with your husband.  Even if he tries to discourage you, make the changes anyway. Of course he loves you the way you are! In addition, change is scary, and he might even feel threatened by your progress at first.  But as you continue to keep your promises to build a better life for your family while keeping him a part of your journey, he will celebrate your successes with you.

I had my mind set on my goal and I would not let anything stop me–Not lack of money, not other people’s opinions, and not my own self-doubt in the midst of the battle. As time went by, I became braver, more determined, and more convinced that nothing would stop me.

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You cannot change the fact that your husband went to prison.

  However, you can change your chances for success when he comes home.  If you do not set goals and work toward them, you will find your family stuck in cycles of self-destruction; repeating the same mistakes over and over again.  If you love your husband, lead the way in changing your family legacy outside of the walls while he leads the change in his life on the inside.  When he is released, you will have the joy of learning to love each other in a new, healthier, stronger relationship.

I am rooting for you!