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Prison Relationships

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It’s no secret that relationships can be difficult to maintain.

Extra factors like distance, long hours on the job, busy schedules and many others can throw a big obstacle in the way of a relationship. Now, imagine maintaining a healthy relationship while a loved one is in prison. A relationship with someone in prison has all the difficulties of a traditional relationship with even more obstacles. While to some it may seem impossible to maintain, prison relationships have actually become more popular, but how do they manage them?


Communication is easily the most important part of maintaining any healthy relationship. This is no different in a prison relationship, in fact, it is probably even more essential. There are a couple of means to make communication between someone in prison and someone on the outside fairly easy. Whether it be the standard phone call or writing a letter to the one on the inside; maintaining active conversations with your loved one is key to keeping a healthy relationship with a loved one on the inside.

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This is another big one. In a way, this falls under the communication section as well. However, it is every bit as important as communication. One of the hardest parts of a prison relationship is the lack of time spent together in person. This is why when the opportunity is available, visitation hours can be crucial to the relationship. Even one hour spent in-person can work wonders on the health of any relationship. Sometimes you need more than just words written or hearing their voice through a phone. Sometimes you need to feel the presence of your loved one.


Yes, with a loved one on the inside it can be hard to think about a future. However, doing so can help keep the excitement of the relationship going. The plans for the future don’t even have to be anything expensive or flashy. Simple things like an activity you both would want to do or a place you both would like to go see. Being on the inside isn’t easy, but giving your significant other a future to be excited about could really benefit both them and the relationship to keep going.

All relationships can be difficult, but a prison relationship offers even more challenges to face. No matter how tough they may be, it is not impossible to make it work. Simple things like effective communication, visitation, and thinking of a future after prison can go a long way in aiding a healthy relationship with a loved one in prison.