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Trust – building a healthy relationship

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Trust is the place of safety where relationships can thrive. As many couples go through life, the fact is, many people suffer from broken trust. When trust is broken, it can create a lack of connection. Trust is foundational to building a healthy relationship. Freely expressing feelings, and sharing life together is built upon trust. 

Lack of trust is one the greatest barriers you will face when rebuilding a healthy relationship. Once a person loses trust in another, it will require effort and consistency to create a place of safety once again within the relationship. To create long-lasting relationships, trust is a must.

What is trust? When you put your faith in someone, you believe they have your best interests at heart. When a person trusts another, it is a privilege, one that many can take for granted. Trust is the foundational bridge that connects two people in the most profound way. 


For the many relationships with a loved one in prison, it can be a challenge to create trust again. Here are few ways for trust to be regained. 

building trust with your partner

What can you do to show you are trustworthy? One of the best things you can do to rebuild trust is become a person of your word. When a person of their word commits to something, they stick to it. This discipline of trustworthiness is a daily challenge, but it is essential to building a healthy relationship

The next thing that needs to happen to regain trust is honesty. For many, the trauma from their past can create a wedge in the relationship. This will require both parties to lay it all out on the table. Honest conversations will initially create pain or agony but allows for trust to be rebuilt. 

Transparency – It is difficult for couples to thrive without transparency. Couples must learn to not only become honest, but to also fully disclose wants, fears, anxieties, and frustrations. This part of creating trust means that you are willing to share your life and energy with someone. Transparency means you are willing to share anything without the fear of intimidation or retribution.  

Trust has a trickle down effect that carries into every aspect of your family. When couples trust each other, children will learn trust each other, causing a renewed strength in the family. Trust is a launchpad that will elevate your family into success.

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