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What you can do for an inmate for Christmas

Christmas is here!

2020 has definitely been one for the books. Who would have imagined at this time last Christmas the disruptions we would face in 2020. Today, we are one year older and feeling a century wiser! Now, it is time to put that wisdom to use. 

This year Christmas will be more of a challenge with all of the restrictions on visits and movements. This is all the more reason to celebrate the holiday with your loved one in prison. They’re likely feeling more isolated and anxious than ever before. COVID-19’s impacted on prisoners is more than the general public. As you prepare to celebrate Christmas this year, it is vitally important to remember this. Your ability to connect with your loved one will build stronger connections during this unprecedented season. 

"Your holiday calls and video visits are a lifeline to your loved one."

As prisons work to control COVID-19 outbreaks, they are doing little to celebrate Christmas this year. So, it is up to you to make Christmas extra special for your entire family. Thus, the best way to do this is to be intentional about the little things. Your holiday calls and video visits are a lifeline to your loved one. These special times together set the tone for your children and create lasting memories. 

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"You are an Ambassador of Hope and a Deliverer of Encouragement during this season."

To make the most of them, take time to plan your holiday calls. You are an Ambassador of Hope and a Deliverer of Encouragement during this season. Joy is contagious, but so is discouragement. Decide to give the gift of JOY to make 2020 the best Christmas yet. Do not let the chaos around you nor the things you cannot control dictate your happiness. Be resolute. Know that you will set the tone for your own family. 

As you prepare for your call, here are some ideas to help you make the most of your family time together. 

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1. – If it is a video call, dress up! Treat it like a family Christmas Party and put on your most festive outfit. Do your makeup, and fix-up your hair to celebrate your family time. 
2. Choose a Christmas Carol to sing together. If you have a musician in your home, have them play their instrument, use an online music service to play the tune while you sing along, or simply sing acappella!
3. Turn on Christmas lights in the background. Spread some holiday cheer and show them the festive lights and celebrate with you. 
4. Play Christmas music in the background while you talk together. 
5. Blow LOTS of kisses to him. 
6. Do not pick up any offense. Chances are that your man is feeling significant pressure so he may be irritated. Do not take anything he says personal. Anything negative may be a result of the extraordinary challenges he is facing. There will be another day to resolve issues. Today is for joy, love, and celebration of Christ’s birth. 
7. Have your family read or re-tell the Christmas Story together. 
8. Start talking about your family goals for 2021. 

You can deliver a wonderful, warm holiday blessing to your loved one by making your conversations and connections positive and fun. 

I am rooting for you –