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Save it for a rainy day

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A lot of us love to be outside, there are wide variety of options of things to do, especially for those of us who want to be active. However, rainy days happen and nobody can control the weather. But you can control what you choose to do when the weather keeps you inside. Here are a few ideas on things to do during a rainy day:

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Movie marathons are the perfect cure for a rainy day. Maybe you just want to watch a list of your favorites or enjoy a particular series of films that go together. Whatever you choose, the options are limitless. There are several free or inexpensive streaming services to choose from. An any of them offer the remedy to the rainy day gloominess. If the rainy day is bringing storms, try out a suspense film for extra thrill.


Speaking of storms, why not sit out on a patio (or look out the windows) and watch the storm roll through. This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, however, this is a perfect chance to enjoy the storm from the safety of your home. If you’re with family, friends or loved ones on a stormy day, it affords the opportunity to sit around and share stories while watching the lightning strike and hear the thunder roar.


Rain days and storms bring out the nature lovers in all of us. However, they make it hard to be outside. So why not bring the outdoors to you? Make a pillow fort, pitch a small tent, and combine it with any of the other ideas on this list. You can make it even more realistic and make some outdoor foods like burgers, hotdogs, and s’mores if you trying to get creative. Indoor camping is great way to spend time with your children or loved ones in a way that is enjoyable for both kids and adults.


Being inside for a day isn’t always a bad thing because there are so many games you can play indoors. Try out some of your favorite board games, play childhood games like 21 questions, truth or dare, hide and seek, etc. You can even make your own indoor treasure hunt. The options are practically unlimited, all it requires is a little creativity.