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Change Your World

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Change is never easy.

I want to talk to you about change.  Change is never easy.  It is never comfortable.  But change is going to happen. We cannot stay the same, and the world we live in will not stay the same.

I know it is hard to think about changing your life.  It feels like you are leaving your husband behind.  As if you are somehow obligated to stay the same. If you change, he might feel left behind or others might think that your life wasn’t really impacted when he went to prison.  But none of that is true. Those are only mind battles that keep us stuck in a place we won’t want to be in 5 years.


It is hard to imagine our future being so completely different than our present.  But if we look back, we can see how very different our present is from our past.  So many things have changed. We have lost loved ones, met new people we adore, and we are more dependent on technology (like your cell phone!) 

Speaking of technology

Things are changing faster than ever before thanks to technology.  Last week I was trying to help my aunt with her phone. I asked her how old her phone was.  She replied that it wasn’t very old at all, “Only 5-6 years old.”  Yikes! No wonder it wouldn’t load the new apps and function properly.

To her, that was practically brand new. Think of the old land-line phones lasted 20 years or more! Today, a phone that is 5-6 years old is ANCIENT.  It cannot keep up with the new technology coming out at the speed of light.  How amazing that a cell phone, such a small device, has changed our world so much.  We are obsessive about carrying it everywhere we go.  We look at it a hundred times a day and think we cannot live without it. Read more about cell phone addiction.

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Don't wait another day

I want you to think about that.  One small change, buying a cell phone, changes everything.  The same thing is true for other changes in your life.  Change one thing; change your life.  You cannot stay where you are; you have too much potential to sit there and let it waste.  Change your world! Don’t wait another day

You have an incredible opportunity to redefine yourself and your family.  Take an honest look at your life and ask yourself what the one thing is you can change right now. That one change will lead to many other changes.

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Before you know it, your world will be different. Here is a list to help you get started on choosing your “one thing”:

-Get up an hour earlier
-Go to church
-Volunteer somewhere
-Quit smoking
-Quit eating candy
-Write one page of your story a day
-Stop swearing
-Sign up to take a class at your Community College
-Eat dinner as a family
-Build a budget and live by it
-Read every day
-Find a mentor

Now, make your own list.  Choose the one thing that you know will be the biggest change for you in your life. Do it!  Your legacy is waiting for you to live up to it. You are creating a better world for yourself, your children, and your husband to come home to. 

I am rooting for you!