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Coronavirus and How to Overcome it as a Family

how to overcome coronavirus as a family

We are in the middle of the most significant health crisis we have seen in our lifetimes.  

The United States declared a National Emergency. Coronavirus has created a pandemic that is disrupting all our lives.  My blog today will focus on what you can do to mitigate the adverse effects on your family stability.  Now, more than ever, you need to invest in your family.

Ohio, Louisiana, California, and many other states have suspended prison visits.  Losing visits has created increased stress and anxiety on every inmate in every prison, jail, or correctional center.  Family connections are one of the most important keys to emotional, mental, social, and physical health.  But the impact is not just on our loved ones who are locked up. You, as the family members, are faced with unique challenges because of the shutdown and the pandemic.

We are in The first thing I want you to know is that you are resilient, and your family will make it through this season.  the middle of the most significant health crisis we have seen in our lifetimes.  

Also your family must be your number one priority.  As your children process all that is happening around them, they will be leaning on you to provide stable direction and safety.  Their whole world is changing rapidly, and communities are warping into fearful packs of hoarders.  Store shelves are empty, schools are closing, and prisons have canceled visits.  Their entire world has been turned upside down, again.

family time in coronavirus Cathy Tijerina blog

How you manage this season will have a tremendous impact on your children and your family.  You cannot afford to spread anger and bitterness. Reassurance is what your children and husband need most right now.  These circumstances are tough, but you are up for the challenge.  Think about all you have already overcome.  I know you have already been through a lot.  Some days, you feel like you are not going to make it through another minute.  Then, you found the encouragement you needed to stand back up and keep moving forward. That determination and grit are what will get you through this situation as well.

It sucks that you cannot see your loved one.  I agree. 

However, I also agree that contact must be limited so that the virus doesn’t spread through the prisons.  The prisons cannot handle widespread illnesses — so they must do everything in their power to keep the virus outside the walls. I know how hard it is to lose face to face visits.  By the grace of God, this will be temporary.


As you walk through these weeks of no visits, there are things you need to be doing to keep your family healthy. DO THIS:

  1. Stay in consistent contact through letters, calls, or emails.  Whatever it takes, stay in touch.
  2. Remain calm. Do not blame the system or attack people who are trying to keep your loved one safe.  It is fine to call the prison and reach out to the case managers if you do not hear from your loved one, but engage their assistance.
  3. Get creative about connecting as a family.  I have blogged about how to engage in calls or letters—use these ideas to build memories together
  4. Join us in our support groups online. We will be launching live Facebook presentations to help answer questions, provide support to families, and to bring encouragement. Note: we are also continuing to serve incarcerated fathers through technology.
  5. Talk with your kids about what they are feeling. Reassure them, and therefore help them come up with fun new ways to stay connected to their father.
  6. Keep washing those hands to help stop the spread as fast as possible 😊

I am rooting for you!