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Create your own Indoor Garden

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With the rising costs of groceries and expenses, many families are looking for simple ways to save money and re-think their expenses. One practical way to save money and feel fulfilled is gardening. There are so many reasons to create your own home garden. Although, for many, having a full operation is not realistic or sustainable. As you begin your summer plans, here are a few simple things you can do to start your very own indoor garden. 

Whether you are an avid gardener or you can’t keep a plant alive, there are many ways to help you launch a garden of your own. 

Benefits of an Indoor garden. Did you know that indoor gardens are known to reduce stress and improve your overall health? Believe it or not, gardens create stimulate creativity and focus. There have also been several studies that show indoor gardens enhance your air quality and overall environment. These indoor plants also create a healthy space that lowers anxiety and depression. 

Plants can help kids focus. A recent study has shown that children who study in a room with a live plant have improved focus and concentration. In addition to students gaining the ability to focus, students can concentrate and respond more attentively. Tangible results like this can improve your whole family and stimulate wholistic growth.

creating your indoor garden


Improved environmental health. It has become a well-known fact that plants in the home lowers carbon dioxide levels. Notably this results in improved brain function and allows for better focus and less stress. Some of the plants that have been known to improve your home’s environment are: Bamboo Palms, Areca Palms, Lady Palms, Rubber Trees, Spider Plants, Boston Ferns and Ficus Trees. Most of these plants are inexpensive, can be purchased locally, and will not overtake your home. 

Choose your indoor garden style. Before you start, take a walk around your room and think about the best space for your garden. Indeed, every home garden will be unique in its makeup and style. Some of the popular indoor gardens are vertical gardens and window gardens.

Plan around the sun. Depending on the plants you choose, you will need more or less sunlight. Do some research to discover what you will need and take a walk around the house to find the best spot. This is an important step as an optimal garden will thrive in the right amount of sunlight. 

Creating a herb garden. Herb gardens are one of the easiest ways to have a sustainable garden that yields results. Whether you use a starter kit, or buy the seeds, there are many ways to make an affordable and practical herb garden from the comfort of your home. There are many indoor plant stands and window boxes to choose from. Do some research to find the best fit for the plants you choose. 

Indoor gardens are one of the most practical ways to start gardening. They are affordable, easy to maintain and allow for a longer seasonal harvest. These types of gardens also allow for the whole family to grow something together. From planting, watering and harvesting, indoor gardens create a fun and practical way to save money and provide a fulfilling hobby for the whole family.  This summer, take some time to plan your own indoor garden.