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Creating memories with an Inmate

connecting with a loved one in prison

For the millions of families who have a loved one in prison, it can be a challenge to make positive memories. From the obstacles that come with visits, to the challenges of keeping up with each other’s lives, it can be discouraging to stay connected with your loved one in prison. But now, perhaps more than ever, your loved one needs you. Here are a few ways to stay connected and build happy memories together that will carry you through this season.

Souvenirs – Creating something is a great way to keep your loved one in your daily memory. From a small craft, to a magnet picture of the family, giving gifts build positive memories. Gifts also serve as reminders to keep each other in your thoughts until you hear from them again. 

Games on the phone – This is especially important for families with children. When you are intentional to include the entire family on a phone call, it can re-connect your family and help to build memories that will carry you on until you see each other in person again. For ideas of games to play on the phone, read this popular article we wrote on the subject. 

phone calls to prison

Visiting room picnics – It may not seem like the perfect place to plan a picnic. At your next visit, take some money for the food vending machine and have a picnic together. Read this article we put together on how to have a great visiting room family meal.

Read a book together – Reading a book you both can read when you are apart. Starting a bool club with your loved one is a great way to stay connected. Take the opportunity to read the same book at the same time as them. When you next see them, share your thoughts over the phone or on a visit. 

Stay in the moment – When you are together, it can be easy to become distracted by environmental things. Keep your focus on them – block out everything else and see and hear your loved one. Treat every moment you have with them like it was a special occasion. 

When it comes to your family, only you know how to best bring them together. When possible, be sure to include close friends and family in these activities. You may not even realize the impact that your time may have on them. 

From visiting rooms, to letters and handmade gifts, to phone and video calls, it is crucial to create positive memories whenever you have the opportunity. You may not realize the impact of building positive memories together as a family. But building special memories can be the glue that holds your family together while they are away. Taking time and being intentional when you are together can help you stay in the moment and grow stronger together. Start a new tradition and build some memories!