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Creating New Patterns In Your Life

Why does this happen to me? Why do I always end up in this pattern? How many times have you said this in your life? 

For one reason or another, millions of people find themselves in frustrating, negative and even toxic cycles. These cycles can stem from many reasons, but all too often these negative patterns can cause us to become stuck. Bad habits in our life can lead to burnout, emotional distress and other habits. 

How often do we set out to create a new pattern in our lives, only to find oneself back in the same negative cycle?

For many, when something traumatic happens, it can put you in a state of shock. This shock, although temporary, can traumatize oneself. So much so, that it can hinder one’s ability to live their lives out fully. The fact is that trauma is a normal reaction to pain. This shock, if not addressed, can lead many people to cope with their trauma in unhealthy ways. The challenge herein is to move beyond the shock and overcome it. 

So, how can we break out of patterns? 

Disruption – One of the best ways to break patterns in your life is to create new healthy routines. From stepping away from a toxic relationship to giving up junk food, a new start is to disrupt the pattern. Social science shows us that habits are formed. These habits, good are bad often require effort to break. If you feel stuck, think of something you can do to disrupt your pattern. 

Confront It – Another powerful way to overcome negative cycles is to address it head on. It can be all too convenient to avoid a reality that we do not wish to deal with. This is how many negative patterns are formed. Although it can be challenging, it is critical to confront your negative patterns with courage and determination. As you begin to consider what caused this pattern, think of how it started. This may lead to a moment of trauma in your life or even a simple pattern of coping with a stressful environment. Whatever the cause, it will need to be addressed in order to begin your new healthy pattern. This journey of healing may lead you to cut off habits, patterns and perhaps even people. 

Tell Your Story – From being chronically late, to emotional eating and other forms of coping, to developing toxic traits and behaviors, when we take a look at the cause, we can begin to heal. This healing can come in many forms, but one simple way to start is to begin journaling. When we tell our story, we take one step closer to breaking the hold that traumatic moment or negative cycle had over your life. 

As you begin to consider your own journey, take time to consider how you want your future story to be told. This may mean writing out a new vision for your life and your family. For more on a family vision, read this article. Many people can find themselves stuck in these ruts, unable to break free from patterns they do not wish to be in. At the end of the day, you do not have control over what has or has not happened to you in the past. But you do have control over how you react going forward. Whatever your past, the good news is your future will depends on you. You can overcome negative patterns and break negative cycles in your life.