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Family Friendly Spring Activities

family friendly spring activities

Spring is almost here. And for many families that means a whole new season of life. From sports and school responsibilities, to new opportunities and activities, you will have no problem filling your calendar from now until Christmas. As you begin to make plans, don’t forget to make plans to spend time with your family this spring. Here are some ideas to get connected as a family this spring. 

1 – Garden Together. One of the most fulfilling ways to enjoy the spring is to start a family garden. Whether it is a raised garden bed with rows of plants, or a few pots on your porch, gardening is not only fulfilling, it can be money-saving. 

Gardening vegetables, house plants or flowers can be a practical way to enjoy warm weather and reap the benefits. As a family, gardening is an opportunity to bring something to life. There are countless free resources available online or at your local library. As you consider starting your own garden, take stock of your own resources. Whether you have a yard, porch, or window sill, make the most of your space and dive in. 

2 – Have a Picnic. A great way to curb your spring fever is a family picnic. Pack your family’s favorite sandwiches, snacks, a blanket and some outdoor activities and head out to your nearest park. Don’t forget to check with your family to see what they want to take with them!

spring picnic

3 – Go for a Walk. There are opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature, wherever you are. From a stroll through your local park, to a trail head at a national park, there are many opportunities to connect as a family and enjoy the great outdoors. 

4 – Plan a fun day. If your family is feeling the itch, plan a day for fun! A little sunlight will go a long way for the mental health of your family. A day out does not have to be expensive. Consider going to your local zoo, aquarium, gardens or park. Build a kite, plan a hike, or go for a bike ride.

5 – Make a Bird House. Another great way to enjoy the coming warm weather is to build a bird house. Whether you are an avid bird watcher or someone who enjoys nature, building a birdhouse is an inexpensive and fun way to enjoy the spring season. With countless of free tutorials and inspiration, a birdhouse is a great bonding activity for your entire family. 

6 – Pick Some Fruit. Spring brings some of the best fruit and offers another opportunity for your family to connect. Depending on where you live, there will likely be fruit coming into season. Google your nearest garden or farm that offers pick-your-own fruit. 

7 – Make Fruit Preserves. This goes with the previous one, canning berries can be a great, inexpensive way to build long-lasting family memories and store up delicious tasting treats for the rest of the year. 

It is easy to get so caught up in the busyness of the season that we miss the opportunity to create these special moments. As you go into the springtime, consider how you can plan to do fun things together as a family. Your family is well worth the time and effort.