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Family Time

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Family time is one of the most important things you can do in your week. For many, intentional time spent together as a family has created some of the most memorable moments. From family vacations, to game nights or an evening together, family time will bring your family closer together and create an inseparable bond unlike any other. 

As important as family time is, it can be a challenge to achieve. Many families spend the entirety of their week jam-packed with activities. From school, to after-school and everything in between, many families feel like their family time is left as second place. If you feel like this, here are a few ways to create memories together as a family. 

Get to Know Their Life – Children grow up so fast, that it can be a challenge to keep track of their interests, hobbies and pursuits. Taking time to ask open-ended questions over dinner can allow for your family to not only be heard but allows for your family to re-connect. As you learn their interests and hobbies, stay up to date with them. The more you practice intentional living, the more your family will grow closer together. 

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Family Game Night – Regardless of your family’s dynamic, they are never too old for a family game night. Family game nights are one of the best ways to reconnect as a family. Not only do game nights allow for a time set aside to be together, but helps your family grow closer. Take time to consider your family’s age and interests when considering what games to play.  

Staycation – Who doesn’t love a family vacation? A staycation is a great way to spend special time together without breaking the bank. Although you spend everyday in your home, with a little effort, your home can be transformed into a fun-filled weekend destination. With your family, plan a special time in your backyard.

One-on-One Time – It’s important to remember that everyone in your family is unique. Each person has their own interests and things they are passionate about. Take time each week to spend some intentional time with each of your family members. Taking your family on grocery runs, the hardware store, or ice cream are a few ways to connect with your family throughout the week. 

Quality Time – It may be tempting to overthink family time, filling every waking moment together with flashy lights and kodak moments. The reality is that your family needs you the most. More than anything, as a parent, your children look up to you for leadership, direction, and encouragement. Next time you are with family, be intentional with them. Allow for your family to grow closer just by being together. 

As your family grows, your family time may change with them, and that’s okay. Many families stick to their family traditions, family movie night, game night, pizza night, etc., but you will also realize that some traditions will need to be modified in order to suit your ever-changing family dynamics. The important thing about family time is that your family connects and grows together.