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Finding a job in 2023

finding a job in 2023

Finding a new job is one of the most exciting, and intimidating things. From the nervous first interview, to the excitement of the first day on the job there are many things to consider before you take that first step on your next job. We compiled some of the most trending things job seekers are looking for, and ways to help you address those needs. 

Re-thinking Your Career – Many job seekers are rethinking their career. There are many industries in high demand. From nursing and healthcare, to CDL, tradeskills and technology degrees, it may be the right opportunity to make the shift into your dream career. If you are one of these, it is an excellent time to do so. From trade schools, to community colleges, there are many inexpensive ways to advance or shift your career. 


Visit a Job Fair – One of the more popular trends employers are doing is hosting community job fairs. Usually hosted at a community college, mall or community center, job fairs are one of the best ways to see what companies are hiring in your community. So, put on a nice shirt and grab your resume. Who knows, the next job fair might be the chance you have been waiting for!


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Work Ethic – Work ethic can be summed up in three words: integrity, professionalism and accountability.  These traits are becoming more and more desirable from employers. In fact, 83% of employers are seeking employees with a strong work ethic. An employee with work ethic can be counted upon to do what they say they will do. 

Be a Team Player – Although some jobs require independent work, 6 out of 10 employers are looking for men and women willing to work as a team. This means that they are seeking candidates who are friendly, and willing to leave their ego at the door. Make an effort throughout the interview process to show them you are willing to work as a team. 

Problem Solvers – More now than ever, employers are looking for candidates who are willing to be problem solvers. Problem solvers think outside the box to help their company become better, work more productively, and interface with their customers more efficiently. As many as 61% of employers report that this is an important skill they look for.

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Leveraging Technology – From utilizing job seeking websites, to virtual interviews, there are many ways to use technology as a tool to land your next job. Take some time to truly consider what kind of job you are searching for. Don’t forget to determine how far you are willing to travel, and start your search today!

Get Referrals – As you are writing your resume, take time to consider who you want to add from your career and personal life to vouch for your character, work ethic and skills. A good referral can make all the difference in the eyes of an employer. Consider carefully who will be willing to vouch for you. Your potential employer will likely call and/or email them and ask them about you. Don’t forget to ask them if they are okay with you using them as a referral. 

Resume Prep – Writing a solid resume is still one of the best ways to get that initial interview. Those who fail to put in the work needed to write a proper resume may risk getting overlooked altogether. Fortunately, there are many resources available to prepare your resume. From online resume builder sites, to seeking out help at your local community resource center.