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Rebuilding Your Life

starting over prison blog

There are many ways we may feel the need to rebuild our life. From the trauma of our past, to lingering pain of incarceration, family loss or sorrow. Regardless of the reason, there is hope for you to overcome the pain of your past. At TYRO, we believe your past does not have to define you, but it can qualify you for your future. In order to utilize your past experiences, you will need to learn what it takes to rebuild your life. 

Allow for Grief – We have all experienced trauma in our lives. Whether it is an experience in prison, a loss of a loved one or some other traumatic experience, we need to recognize the impact it has on our lives. Grief is a natural and healthy part of processing trauma. We must make space in our lives to grieve these moments. 

Overcoming Grief – As important as it is to allow ourselves the time we need to grieve, we must take care to not get stuck in grief. Many people can get lost in the grieving season, unable to overcome trauma that plagued them from their past. This often results in men and women living out a real life version of the movie groundhog day, seemingly unable to reconcile the trauma they faced. Overcoming grief means we allowed our grief to come full circle and are ready to move on. 


baby steps blog

Baby Steps – Moving past trauma may be no small feat. Regardless of the circumstance, overcoming trauma may feel like starting over. One way to overcome the searing pain of past hurts is to make small, achievable goals to accomplish. These small, incremental steps may be painstaking at first, but will create momentum that will take you to your next season. 

Map Your New Vision – Mapping your vision is one of the most important steps to rebuilding your life. Although mapping your vision will be as unique as you, they will all have one thing in common. When we begin to map our future, we will be able to see ourselves living in our new life. This can be accomplished by setting goals for ourselves along the path to success. 

Give Yourself Room to Grow – A season of rebirth will require you to have patience with yourself. This may look like giving up old habits and behaviors that misled you in the past. You must allow for time to grow into the “new you” that is developing. You will have victories and moments that may feel like defeat, but you should not allow yourself to give up on the growing process. 

Develop a Support System – In order to grow, you will need a support system. Your support system is a network of friends, family, professional connections and mentors that will help you on your journey. You will need this network of men and women to encourage you, motivate you and keep you accountable.

Self Care – As you are in this season of growth, it can be overwhelming. It is important to pace yourself along your growing journey. You will need to allow yourself time to pause and reflect on your progress. Self care is a crucial part of your development as it gives your mental, physical, and emotional well-being time to rest. 

Rebuilding your life will take effort, intentionality, humility and courage. Many days it will feel like there is no growth at all. But in those moments, remember that it is a process. There will be highs and lows, but don’t forget to celebrate those milestones on your way to your goals. Your season of rebuilding offers a new opportunity for your future. Take your first steps today.