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Don’t let your past hold you back

the grief of incarceration

Have you ever felt like something was hanging onto you? No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t move forward? At TYRO, we have seen how people have allowed their past to hold them back in life. This can come from labels placed by society, friends, or even themselves. Thus, many of us live our lives unaware that we have potential to move beyond our past. We are going to share a few key principles today to help you.  

Your past is your story. This story may be full of high and low points, but your story is as unique as you are. Some may feel like your past defines who you are. If you feel this way, there is hope. Your past does not have to define who you are. In fact, it can qualify you for your future if you allow it.

Own your past – Take a close look at your past. You will see a story full of victories and defeats. Many people allow those defeats to stop them from achieving the success they want. The adversity you may have had because of your past may leave you feeling like you will never move past it. The reality is that there is always a new day. We live in an incredible age that offers second chances. Owning your past is just the first step. 

Develop resiliency – Many people carry their pain into their future. There may have been pain in your life. Maybe it even feels like you will never get past it. A key to overcoming it is realizing that pain was an event, not a life. Your past may have caused you and others pain, but it has also taught you how to overcome. This resiliently is another key to moving forward stronger than ever. 

Unclutter your life – Have you ever met someone who holds onto everything? This may be from a fear of not having enough, a fear of letting go or a desire to keep all that they have. Regardless, there are times when we need to do some spring cleaning. Today, as you consider your life, there may need to be things you need to let go of. From toxic people, to bad habits, these negative things can hold you back. It’s time to let go of harmful thoughts, habits and associates, and look forward. 

At this time in your life, you may feel like there is no way to overcome the obstacles in front of you. But when you understand the power of your past, you will unlock a key. This key is that your past will give you a glimpse of your life’s purpose. If your past is full of trauma and pain, you can help others in your future. Every challenge is an opportunity to become more resilient, living up to your fullest potential. 

For more about this, be sure to watch TYRO Founder, Ron & Catherine Tijerina’s Youtube channel