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Make the most of your second chance

your second chance

Think about the moments in your life where you wish you had a second chance. From frayed relationships to mistakes made in life, there are moments in all of our lives where we wish we could have a do-over. At TYRO, we see so many lives who are stuck in cycles of self-destruction. We believe you can exit this negative cycle and begin to build a new legacy for yourself and your family. Sometimes, it may feel like there is no chance to make amends or restore, but you can always work on yourself.

So, how do you rebuild the things that you may have broken? 

Stop ignoring the problem – This is a crucial step to making the most of your second chance. In fact, it is almost impossible to move on if you haven’t addressed the issue first. If it is a toxic relationship or bad habit, this will need to be addressed first. For some, this may mean taking a break from a person or group of people, fasting from a bad habit or pattern in life. 

Own your story – A natural reaction is to blame others for your problems in life. It is far more difficult to own your story. There may be others who affected your situation, but it is crucial to take a look at your life and determine where you made mistakes. Owning your story is a powerful act of taking charge of your life. Truly it is the act of admitting your faults. It can help you get to the root cause of an issue. This powerful action can determine the direction you are going to go in the future. 

telling your story

Change your thinking – There is an old saying, misery loves company. It is how some people live their lives, unaware of how their thoughts, actions and environment affects their future. When we fill our life with negative words spoken over us or negative thoughts about ourselves, we become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is important to identify those negative thoughts about ourselves and intentionally change them. As we begin to replace them with positive thoughts, we will see more positive outcomes around us. 

Follow through – It is easy to say you will change. You may even have all the best of intentions to change. Thus, sometimes, it may take some outside help. Mentors are one of the best ways to grow and begin to follow through with your promises. Mentors will help you set goals to reach success. They will also help you stay accountable and create healthy patterns in your life. 

Leveraging your second chance means you are prepared to show others you are willing to do things differently than you did before. It is the opportunity to prove to yourself and others. You will need to be willing to put in the effort to change your reputation.

Although we don’t have a restart button, we do have the opportunity today to start afresh. Today, your second chance is your opportunity to learn from your past and take the challenges of the day head-on. Owning your story will change the course of your life. Remember that you are deserving of a second chance.