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Tips for saving money on groceries

save money on groceries


Grocery Rewards Card – Most stores like Kroger offer free rewards cards. These free cards allow you to save money on almost every trip to the grocery store. Many of these stores will prominently display sale prices throughout the store to show you the savings you will get when you checkout and use your rewards card. 

Use Coupons – From mailers, to online promotions and incentives, coupons are a simple way to plan your grocery store trips. Many stores keep coupons on hand as well. If you don’t have any, when you get to the store, just ask a cashier for their coupons to save every time you go. 

Make a list (and stick to it) – Who hasn’t experienced the sticker shock at the checkout. It is very common to keep buying more things once you get to the store. Shopping without a list does not only cost more, it will often result in buying unneeded items or paying more than your budget allowed for. 

grocery money saving tips

Look for sales – Buying sale items that you may need tomorrow can offer savings and create more space in your future grocery needs. Buying essential items on sale and storing up can allow for savings and allow for more space in your budget in the coming days. 

Start buying generic brands – It can be convenient to always buy the name brand items, but buying the store brand or “off-brand” items offer consistent savings and still allow for the same grocery list. Next time you go to the grocery store, consider buying off-brand items and give some lower-priced brands a chance. 

Buy less pre-packaged meals – Pre-packaged meals can be very convenient for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, these often cost more than if the meals were cooked from scratch. Learning to cook from scratch can help reduce the cost to feed your family.

Buy in bulk – Buying in bulk can seem more expensive, and more intensive. However, buying in bulk can offer real savings. Buy purchases also allow for less trips to the store for your daily items, providing more savings as well. 

Bring your own bag – Some grocery stores will charge a small amount for bags for your groceries. It can be cost saving to bring your own bags and use them for your groceries. This can also help reduce waste and make it easier to transport your groceries home. 

These are just a few ways to plan your trip and save your family money. For more resources on saving your money and creating more space in your budget, read this blog