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Who is in your corner?

who is in your corner

In life, there are few things that are more valuable than good friends. It has been said that you can tell much about a person by the people who are a part of their life. There are many kinds of friends, from close friends to fair-weathered friends. As important as it is to have good friends, you will need more than that just friends to succeed. As we look for people to help us grow in life, here are some traits to look for.  

Coach – a coach is not just a manager; a coach sees the big picture and tells it like it is. A coach sees things as they are, offering honesty with a drive to tackle problems head on. Having a coach in your life will allow you to be challenged to grow with the help of someone who has already been there. A great coach also will provide you with vision and a plan to overcome barriers to your success. 

Friend – Friends are there for you. When someone gets bad news, or is forced to recover from a challenging day, a friend can help. In truth, good friends are one of the most enriching parts of life. Sometimes friends have the most impact by simply listening. Other times, it’s having fun together and living life. Friendships are some of the most valuable relationships you will experience in life. 

Mentor – While coaches offer strategy and a path forward, a mentor will stand beside you and help you get through the battle. Mentors offer advice from their experience with a desire to see you grow. Authentic mentors help people grow and mature. It’s important to seek out mentors in your life so that you can tackle life’s challenges alongside someone who has been there. 

Cheerleader – A cheerleader offers support for others as they reach for success. Cheerleaders don’t typically offer advice, but rather offer support and encouragement. For those fortunate enough to have cheerleaders in their life, realize that they are the support that can push you over the finish line. 

There are seasons of life where you may need each type of person more often. In truth, there is not always someone cheering us on. Likewise, there may not always be a coach available to help you through a hard situation. Growth will, at times, require you to lean on one of these types of people more than others. 

In reality, many of the people in your life may not be any of these four. If you are missing any of these four people in your life, seek them out. Be willing to invest in their lives as well. In this busy world, we need to be willing to invest in other’s lives too. It is important to also try to be one of these four types of people for someone else. As any great coach will tell you, doing is one of the best ways to learn as well. As you consider the people in your life, identify some as one of these four types. You will not find a perfect person, and you will experience conflict the more you spent time with others, but without these four types of people in your life, you are missing out on crucial experience, advice and relationships that can carry you through life.