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Funny Marriage Advice

I have heard a lot of great advice to help make my marriage strong and healthy.

We have also given thousands of people advice to help their relationship become stronger and healthier.  It is our passion to see marriages thrive—especially for those who are experiencing incarceration.

Keeping your marriage strong is your priority when it comes to relationships.  Just because you need to work on your relationship, doesn’t mean you cannot have fun.  Some of the best advice we give—and have gotten—is funny.  Having fun and learning to laugh together is so important.

Keep your relationship alive

When you spend all of your time in serious conversations, your relationship will begin to grow stale.  You need to laugh and have fun with your spouse.  Nobody wants to spend much time with someone who is always serious, or always grumpy!  You must make a decision about your relationship—do you want to be “stuck” in it, or do you want to love being married to your spouse?  You want to love being in your relationship, of course.

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Keep your relationship alive

If you are looking for ways to spice up your relationship and add a little humor, you have come to the right place.  Here are some tidbits of advice that will give you a smile and help you laugh your way to a deeper relationship:

From the words of wisdom from our grandmothers, to the radio snippets, to the blogs we read—we are often inundated with tips, tools, and secrets to making our relationships better. You consume as much content as you possibly can, and yet you are still struggling in your relationship…

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– Never fight in public.  You don’t want the security camera crew to earn $100,000 on YouTube when your argument goes viral
– To avoid an argument, only discuss things you disagree about when you are both naked
– To avoid smelling morning breath, make a pact to only kiss with closed mouths when you wake up
– Don’t worry about your looks fading, his eyesight will fade, too.
-Dancing can set the mood.  Square dance if you want to “kiss your gal” and slow dance if you want to “get it on”
-If you want to use candles to set the mood, but she keeps blowing them out, switch to birthday candles that relight on their own.
-When “yes dear” stops working, turn up her hearing aid
-If a bad smell wakes you up, assume your dog has gas.
-If you don’t have a dog, go with the “if you smelt it, you dealt it” theory
-Before you get married, watch him eat and listen to him chew.  If you can stand that sight and sound every day for the rest of your life—he is the one!
-Your dirty laundry smells good after you wash it—but only if you remember to take it out of the washer! Finish what you start and you will always be a breath of fresh air to your spouse.
-Don’t go to bed angry.  Stay up all night and fight to win! (or make amends and get a good night’s sleep)
-Men are like microwaves, women are like crockpots.  You have to start turning her on in the morning if you want to enjoy your evening.
-Learn the language of women.  When she says, “will you take care of me tonight?” She is really saying, “I am too tired to have sex, I just want to cuddle after YOU fix dinner and do the dishes.” When you know their language, you will avoid traps like this.

Enjoy your spouse, make your time together as fun as possible no matter what you might be going through right now. Laughter makes the journey lighter.

I am rooting for you!