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Getting Through Parole


The time has come. You or your loved one is home from prison. This can be one of the most powerful moments in your life. As you come home, now your re-entry journey begins. 

As you are navigating your journey from prison to home, it can be overwhelming. From catching up on technology and social changes, to keeping track of family and any parole or probationary requirements, there is great deal to keep track of. Today, we want to share some ways to help you manage your parole.

prison visits during the holidays

Parole can look different for every situation. Varying from state to state, it is important you learn the limitations, and expectation of you or your loved one’s parole. This season can last months, to even several years. It may seem intimidating or discouraging to have someone seemingly looking over your shoulder. It is important to think of your parole board and officers as though they are on your team.  When you learn the art of accountability, you will not only be able to manage your parole with excellence, but you will also learn a valuable life trait.

Be the real deal – In our TYRO program, we learn that one of the most important life traits you can learn is authenticity. It can be easy to pretend to be someone you aren’t, for a while. But when it comes to your parole, you will need to show them you are the real deal. This means showing and doing what you say you will do. 

Change your associates – This is one of the most common ways people break their parole. Many times, a person comes home and naturally goes back to the same people that got them in the bad situation in the first place. You may need to find new people to hang out with. After all, it is your future on the line. 

Keep your word – This can be one of the most important things to help keep your parole. From keeping a job, to following guidelines and curfews, keeping your word means the world to them. Keeping your word means you are in control of your life. Many people make the mistake of thinking your parole officer is the enemy. In reality, they are there to help you become successful. Show your parole officer and parole board you are a person of your word.

Put your best foot forward – Recognize this phase isn’t forever, it’s just a season. Think of it as a training for the rest of your life. When you meet your parole officer, put on nice clothes and make an extra effort. Think of these meetings like a job interview and you are applying for a job. As time will pass, they will see you can be trusted more and more.  

This journey will not be easy. There may be times when you feel like giving in and going back to the people, places and things that led you to incarceration. But when you embrace this experience, you will be able to come out on top, and become better for it. 

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