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Being Creditworthy

being creditworthy

Getting credit, and keeping it, is one of the most common financial challenges. No one is born with a good credit score. It requires hard work, discipline and some old-fashioned financial budgeting. Building your credit score can range from discouraging to downright frustrating. But, learning some key concepts about how credit works, and how to build it can help you learn to manage your finances and build your wealth. Today, we will learn some practical things to help you build your financial success and create a new legacy for your family. 

Learn Moderation – In this instant world, it can be challenging to discipline yourself to keep money back. But this concept of taking control of your finances is one of the first steps to building your credit. Whether you have the money or not, many companies will try to convince you to buy their product. And, although credit cards can be very helpful, it’s important to learn to manage them properly. These skills are all steps from the art of living in moderation.  

Learn wants from needs – This fundamental mindset will help you determine how you will buy things going forward. Many times, we buy things without keeping this in mind, especially on pay day. Learning to manage your finances between paychecks is a key to building your credit and staying on top of your finances. 

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Keep your word – Credit is built on the concept of giving your word and keeping it. Back in the day, many businesses allowed people to buy from their store on credit, making the promise to pay for it later. But, if someone failed to repay them, they would lose the ability to do this and often would gain a negative reputation in their community as someone who is not trustworthy. 

Today’s credit world is similar. When a person keeps up on their card payments, and follows through with their terms of repayments, their credit will improve. When someone fails to do so, the opposite is true. Learning to keep your word will help you not only build your credit, it will create more opportunities for you in your future. 

Start small – As you are building your credit, it is easy to be disappointing to wait. It can be discouraging to be turned down for a loan or receive a smaller amount of credit to purchase a car or home. When you are building your credit, understand that as you keep your word you will build your credit score and buying power.

Get started – As you build your credit, you may need someone to help. From getting, and keeping, a job to having someone co-sign for you, there are a few things you can do to get started. for example, open a credit card, and make your best effort to pay off the card each month. This will help you build your credit. In order to have a healthy credit score, you will need to make decisions on things you want vs. things you need. This hard work of building you credit can be challenging but is one of the most important tings you can do to gain financial freedom. You are not only capable to starting, or restoring your credit, there are many tools available to help. Most local bank have resources available to help you as well.

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