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Changing your family’s culture

change your family culture

Every family is unique and special, which means every family has its own dynamics. Dynamics within families can look very different. From blended families to families with a loved one in prison or active-duty military, there are many challenges facing family culture. From negative words spoken, to toxic patterns, it can be critical to assess the culture of your family. 

Some families believe the lie that they do not deserve healthy relationships. It is important to dispel this thought to create a new healthy family culture. In this blog, we have identified a few important ways to help you create a healthy family culture. 

Change the way you think – If you believe you can’t have a healthy relationship with your family and friends, you will not be able to change. First you must acknowledge that you are capable of healthy relationships. The way you think is the way you behave. You will need to set any negative thoughts or words spoken over you aside. Changing the way that you think will require a clean slate. 

family culture

Change the way you talk – It is easy to create false notions or ideas. One of the best ways to start changing the way you think is by spending some time with your loved ones and affirming each other. As you encourage each other, make a note of the positive things spoken and dispel any negative thoughts you may have leftover.  Talking with each other, transparently sharing your thoughts, fears and hopes will allow you to grow together.

Change the way you act – When you actively show your family you care about them, you can reshape your family culture. Begin interactions with your loved ones with a hug or smile. Don’t just tell them you care about them, show them. Practice intentional acts of kindness. Open the door or pull out the chair for them. Ask thoughtful questions and act on them. When your loved ones see how you are listening to them, they will want to connect with you. 

Raise your expectations – Many people put their relationships on auto-pilot. When families coast through life, they miss out on the best things life has to offer. The best thing you can do for your family is invest in them. Investing in your family means you are taking time to put them first. Invest in them by helping them pursue their dreams. Invest in them by empowering them to find a purpose. Make every effort to launch them into their future

One of the biggest lies you may encounter is that your family is not worth saving. No family is disposable or unimportant. Many times, families can be derailed and find themselves feeling distant, bitter, or disillusioned. To change the culture of your family, you will need to fight for it. You will need to fight disappointment, offense, pride and more. Take some time as a family and talk about your dreams together. Have some courageous conversations and allow for open communication. 

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