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Horror Films

Horror films

Don't go alone...

Halloween; a season that provides you an excuse to watch all of your favorite horror films. Re-watching your favorite horror films can be a great way to celebrate Halloween with your family despite the circumstances of 2020. Hocus PocusThe Purge, IT, and A Quiet Place are just a few classic Halloween films.

It seems as if each Halloween horror film has that same classic scene. Do not go into the room alone, do not leave your weapon, do not open the door it will lead you to the scary person. We end up yelling and screaming at the television, however, the main character still does it anyway. This is what lures the audience in.

Horror films

Being alone can be scary, however, when one is in the presence of danger in the dark, that is a whole different scenario. We all have gone through seasons in life where we have felt isolation slip through and enter into the room. Life is hard and we all have different battles. The important lesson to learn here is that you should never put yourself in a position where no one has your back to help support you. The people in your corner are there to support you. Even if you feel as if the support group is lame and you want to do things alone, it is still important and vital to have support in your life.

The following are examples of where people had no support in horror films.

Man Vs (2015)

According to IMDB, Doug Woods, a survivalist goes into the woods to film an episode for his television series. When he hears a weird noise in the woods, he realizes that he is not alone. Someone-or something is haunting and hunting him.

Ritual (2012)

A man is buried alive in the woods and he has no idea why or how he got there. He must escape fast because he is not alone.

Silent House (2011)

According to IMDB, a woman is renovating a house with her family; separated from her relatives Sarah is locked in the cabin by herself and realizes she is not alone.

Fatal Affair (2020)

A woman mends her marriage after a brief encounter with her ex and old friend. She soon realizes that her ex is more dangerous and unstable than she had thought.