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How to Avoid Wasting Your Time in Dating

Dating. It can be hard and challenging. You finally meet someone, only in a couple months you’re back to being single again. It can be a never ending cycle at times. When you’re looking for that special someone in your life, it is easy to become discouraged. Here are some methods to avoid while looking for love. 

Do not invest too quickly. 

It is important to take things slow. There is no rush when getting to know someone. Make sure you are not getting emotionally attached too quickly. Emotions change overtime, and sometimes friendships can develop into relationships. When rushing too quickly, sometimes the other person in the relationship may not be there yet. There is no given timeline when it comes to love.

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Learn to read warning signs and red flags. 

If you read our last post, red flags are warning signs that show  the underlying truth of someone. Pay attention to how your partner or potential partner is treating you and how he or she acts around you. Some of the red flags are jealousy, controlling, and double standards. If you have a feeling that something is off, trust your gut instinct. 

Set strong boundaries. 

Placing boundaries in the relationship is a great way to know your limits when it comes to dating. Only you know your limits when it comes to what you are comfortable with in a relationship. Make a list of your non negotiables, and apply them to every person you encounter and want to date. 

Do not fantasize. 

Oftentimes, we tend to create fantasies in our head when we are first talking to someone. We think that the person is going to be in our life forever and the desire to stay in the relationship is tempting. Our emotions tend to make us not think. Do not fall for the story that you have in your head. It’s important to look and view the person you are truly dating. 

When it comes to dating, it is important to look at all of the warning signs. Guard your heart and learn to create the life that you want to live.