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Tag: love



Going through a divorce or breakup can be hard. When there are children involved, the divorce can be even harder. In life, we all make choices, and sometimes we have to choose the hard ones. Rather than focusing on the hard and what went wrong, seek out the things that could go right for the…

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Self-care for Parents

As parents, we love our children with all our hearts. We know there isn’t anything in the world we wouldn’t do to make their life better. Seeing them happy, makes us happy. However, parenting can be quite hectic. We often find ourselves getting caught up in all the craziness of taking care of our children…

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The One

The One: Have you Found Them?

“The one.” It’s a saying we hear quite often in the world of relationships and love. We’re willing to bet at some point you’ve asked yourself, “Is this person the one?” It’s a big question to ask yourself. Sometimes the answer determines how you will proceed with your relationship. Truth be told, asking yourself, “are they the…

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Loving from a Distance

Long-distance relationships can put a lot of strain on a couple. No matter how far away your loved one may actually be, a long-distance relationship can make one feel as if their loved one is on an entirely different planet. This makes finding ways to show your love for your partner from afar quite difficult,…

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Parenting Together During Prison

Parenting as a whole takes a great deal of commitment and time. It provides a whole new world of challenges, worries, and love. To make the challenge even greater, sometimes one of the parents is serving prison time. While parenting together while one of the parents is serving time can be incredibly difficult, it is…

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Receiving Hand-Written Letters

We live in the age of technology. It’s so easy to just pick up your phone and shoot a quick text message or call someone. While communicating in any way is always a good feeling, receiving hand-written letters from someone carries a special meaning. So what are the benefits of receiving a hand-written letter? Letters help…

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