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The One: Have you Found Them?

The One

“The one.” It’s a saying we hear quite often in the world of relationships and love. We’re willing to bet at some point you’ve asked yourself, “Is this person the one?” It’s a big question to ask yourself. Sometimes the answer determines how you will proceed with your relationship. Truth be told, asking yourself, “are they the one,” isn’t that simple. As a matter of fact, it’s a series of questions you should ask yourself to help you find the answer. Here is a list of some great questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking you’ve finally found “the one.”

“Am I just being myself?”

There is a difference between true love and false love. You’ll know that it’s true love when you can just be yourself around them. There are no games you’re playing, there’s no acting differently to impress your partner. All you’re doing is being yourself and staying true to who you are as an individual. Yes, in relationships, you will change and grow but at your core, are you being the kind of person you want to be?

The One

“Do we have healthy communication?”

Healthy communication often makes or breaks a relationship. When you have arguments or troubles, do you both communicate your side in a healthy way? Are you both capable of admitting when you’re wrong? Do you listen to what your partner is truly saying? If you answered yes to all these, then you’re in good shape.

“Do our futures align?”

When you think about the future, do you think about your partner there with you? Do you think that you will be able to achieve your own goals with your partner? Or are you willing to compromise and adjust your goals a little to make your future work? Relationships are always going to be a little give and take. What is important is to understand when you’re giving or taking too much. Making sure you both have a future that aligns with each other is important because it allows you to think and see what a future with your partner will look like. This also applies to important topics like children, religion, where to live, jobs, etc. Talk with your partner about what you each want in the future and make sure you’re both on the same page.

“Do we support each other?”

Support, much like communication, is a crucial part of any relationship. When you need motivation, does your partner help you find it? Do they support your dreams and goals? Do they offer to help when you need it? Support is not just a want in a relationship, it’s a necessity. Relationships are built on a lot of key foundations, support is a big part of that. Your partner should be your biggest fan and your number one supporter. They celebrate your achievements with you while pushing you to challenge yourself. If they do all these things, you’re likely with an excellent partner.

“Do we trust each other?”

Saving the big question for last. Do you trust your partner? When they aren’t with you, do you worry about them doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing? Do trust them to spend money wisely? Do you believe that they have your best interests in mind too? Trust is THE FOUNDATION of all relationships. Relationships need trust because healthy ones are built on it. Mental health can certainly play a role in overthinking and excessive worrying. However, at your core, you should be able to determine if you truly trust your partner.