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Loving from a Distance


Long-distance relationships can put a lot of strain on a couple. No matter how far away your loved one may actually be, a long-distance relationship can make one feel as if their loved one is on an entirely different planet. This makes finding ways to show your love for your partner from afar quite difficult, but fear not, TYRO is here to help.

1. Video Call Dinner Date

It’s the go-to way to spend time with your loved one from a distance. Want to spice it up even more? Order your partner their favorite food to be delivered to them and order something for yourself too! It won’t feel the same as an actual night out, but it still makes the video call date a little more romantic.


2. Make a Playlist

Compile a list of songs that you think your partner will love. Or to make it really special, make a playlist full of songs that remind you of your partner. You can use streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, or even make a playlist on YouTube. It’s a great way to show affection in a simple and easy way. Plus it reminds your partner that you’re always thinking of them.

3. Plan for the Future

Talking too much about the future may cause some extra strain if you and your partner are hurting from being away. However, that doesn’t mean avoiding it completely. It’s often good to be reassured by your partner that they’re looking forward to a future with you. Start with small things like a trip or vacation you may want to take. Places to see or things that you both want to do. Small gestures like this can ease a wandering mind.

4. Send a Gift

Similar to ordering food for your loved one, but with a little more love. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive (although something really nice is always good too). It can be something simple like flowers and a card or maybe a novelty gift like a book, funny coffee mug, or teddy bear. A quick google search can give you tons of gift ideas for any price range.

5. Something Physical

While this could probably be tied into sending a gift, sending something physical for your partner with a personal touch can be nice. What do we mean? Hand-written letters and photos of you two. This can give you a chance to write something down for your partner to read when they miss you or a photo for them to hang when they want to see your face. It’s cheap, simple, and incredibly affectionate.