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How to overcome offense

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Relationships can be one of the most fulfilling things we experience in life. From relationships, to friendships with family members and loved ones, human connection is an essential aspect to building a fulfilling and successful life. 

In every relationship, there is an opportunity for offense to be created. Be it from a misunderstanding, a harsh word spoken or action taken against another, offense is one of the most common ways people fall out of touch. No relationship starts off with the intention to offend another. Although it will take effort, most relationships can find restitution. Here are a few ways to begin the journey of healing in any relationship. 

Keep an open mind – For many who have a said or done things to each other, this can be difficult. Try to see from their perspective, allowing yourself to see where you may be at fault. 

Listen to them – Practice intentionally listening to what they have to say. This can be a painful thing but is also one of the most important first steps to begin to journey to overcoming offense.

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Ask for clarification – Offense can be formed from many sources. At times, it may be as simple as a misunderstanding, other times it may require more conversations. Take time to ask for clarification if there is anything that seems like it may be a misunderstanding. 

Empathize with them – As time passes, many people who carry offense can become bitter. This bitterness often stems from one or both parties feeling unheard. Take time to not only see their perspective but see how they may be feeling. Empathy is one of the greatest ways to connect with your partner. 

Own your part  – Take ownership of your part of the offense. As you own up to your part of the offense, you can create a renewed sense of trust. This act will bridge the gap and help the other party to feel heard.  

Apologize first – Apologies can be a painful part of any relationship. For many, it can feel like a loss to apologize first. In reality, it is one of the best ways to break down the wall of bitterness. Be the first to apologize in your relationship. 

Make it right – An olive branch is like an extended hand, it offers a renewed opportunity to feel heard. As you listen, think of ways to make restitution in your relationship. It may look like offering more transparency, compensation, more open conversations or a sincere apology. Whatever the case, offering to make it right can restore the path to trust in the relationship. 

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