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Sharing Meals with an Inmate

prison visit for a meal

Sharing a meal with a loved one is one of the best ways to connect. Not only does sharing a meal create a time to be together as an ice breaker, it is a special bond in the life of every family. For those who have a loved one in prison, these such meals are all the more challenging. In truth, one of the only ways to capture this experience is sharing a meal together in a visiting room. 

Prison visits are one of the most important ways to connect with your loved one. As important as phone calls, letters and gifts are, nothing surpasses meeting them face-to-face. This is the reason family meals are so important. Time spent together in a visiting room is the opportunity to create experiences. These experiences can sustain your relationship in the midst of this challenging season.

As you create memories together, it is crucial to make it the best experience you can.

 While there are many things you can do on a visit, one of the best things you can do is share a meal. It is a rare opportunity for your family to not only be together, but to build your life. As you create memories together, it is crucial to make it the best experience you can.

Create memories – This is your chance to be a family. From the moment you step foot in the visiting room, you are there to create memories that will sustain you and your loved one. From the greeting, to the goodbye, you can connect as a family again. A meal together is one of the best ways to connect together.

Make a plan – In order to make the most of this moment, it is helpful to have a plan. Talk about the visit with your loved one in advance. From the type of food in the vending machine, to the best time to come, planning your trip is an important way to create a great visiting room experience. 

family visit to prison

Prepare yourself – It is not uncommon to be flustered. By the time you drive there, go through screening and are seated, it can be easy to have your mind on other things. One of the best ways to have a great time with your loved one is to stay focused. Stay focused on catching up, connecting with them and avoid becoming distracted by the external pressures that may divert your attention from the here and now.

Avoid triggers –  As you share a meal together, it is a beautiful and vulnerable moment in your day.  It’s helpful to avoid talking about painful subjects, past traumas or things that may spark an argument. While those conversations are undoubtedly important, it is essential to take this time to build lasting memories. As many who have been through this experience will attest, those moments in a visiting room are for connecting with your loved one.  

Although there are limitations to how you can interact, do not let it stop you from having a great family visit. This visit is an opportunity to create experiences for your family and enhance your relationship. As you share you life with your loved one, it will not only create a deeper connection, it will bring your family together. 

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