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How to Succeed while your Husband is in Prison

Husband in prison

 I had the best intentions to do what was right and build a new legacy for my family while Ron was in prison.  Most days, I pushed through and made progress, but some days I failed, miserably.  I lost my temper, procrastinated, or succumbed to the sadness of losing what I had hoped for in my life.  In those moments of defeat, I made a life-changing decision; I would get up and get back to work on making my dreams a reality.

You have a big job to do while your husband is in prison. You must change YOU.  You cannot control anything else in your life.  So, you must concentrate your efforts on your continuous improvement.  The most challenging part of changing your life is getting back up when you fail.  Although failure is a possible outcome, it is never final nor fatal unless you decide to stop trying.

If you want to build a new life and create a thriving family, you must be diligent and resilient.  

Most of all, you cannot give up.  You will encounter days that you cannot find the energy to fight for your family.  Grief and discouragement will weigh on you and try to snap you back to your starting point.  Do not give in.  If all you can do is stand in the place you are, then STAND.  Tomorrow will offer another opportunity to move forward.  Never, never, never, never give up.

partner in prison

 It broke my heart to read the words, “Please give this pin to someone who deserves it.”

We recently received a letter from someone who made a mistake and gave up.  It broke my heart to read the words, “Please give this pin to someone who deserves it.” I do not know who this person is, but I want to tell them that a mistake is not the end of their story.  No one is perfect.  Perfection is an illusion.  Practice does not make perfect—it makes permanent.  If you want to see permanent improvements, you must practice a new way of living.  The more you practice, the more permanent your new habits become.  A setback does not have to be your downfall.  Get. Back. Up.  Keep going.  You ARE going to make it if you do not give up.

I know you are tired.  It is a hard life when your husband is doing time.  

I know people hate you and speak all kinds of evil against you and your family.  But they do not have the power to create your future.  YOU hold that power.  Wield your authority over your legacy by staying the course no matter what comes your way.  Even when you fall, make a mistake, or become overwhelmed—you must do whatever it takes to regain your footing and continue on in your journey toward your goals.

Here are some practical ways you can get back on track toward success:

  1. Write down your goals. Read your goals every day to remind yourself what you are seeking to achieve.
  2. Find an accountability partner.  Stay connected to someone who will help you keep moving forward no matter what.
  3. Practice forgiveness.  Forgive others and forgive yourself often. Say it out loud when guilt or regret threaten to hold you down; I forgive myself.
  4. Make it right.  When you mess up, say you are sorry.  If sorry is not enough, put action behind it and correct your mistake.
  5. Rest.  You will be amazed by the impact of getting rest.  You cannot function at your best when you are emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically exhausted.  Make the time to rest and recover from all of the pressures you face daily.

You are a warrior.  Look how far you have already come.  You can do this.

I am rooting for you!- Cathy