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Learning to be happy with yourself

happiness in life

Happiness can be an elusive thing. For some, happiness looks like a dream job, car or some ethereal line we work towards. Many people can become obsessed with pursuing temporal things to be happy. For many people, chasing dreams, ambitions and for the sole purpose of being happy. 

Although it is important to have things, there is more to one’s happiness. So many people buy the lie that we will be happy when we get a certain job, achieve these goals, etc… For many, when these goals go unmet, there can be a profound unhappiness. In truth, it is important to find things that make you happy in life, there should be more purpose in your ambitions.

how to find happiness

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is one of the greatest tools you have at your disposal. This is the opportunity to see the good in life without ignoring the pain Learning to break the habit of emphasizing the negative things in your life might take time. 

Forgive yourself

For many, missing the mark can be a value statement. Learn to forgive yourself from past mistakes or missed opportunities. This can be one of the most important ways to live life in the present and work towards your future. We are all works in progress and that means tomorrow has the capacity to grow. Without forgiving oneself, you may thus be preventing yourself from growing into your fullest potential. 

Learn to Meditate

Although it can mean a variety of things, it can be one of most singular important ways to improve one’s self-image. Meditation lowers blood pressure and physical aches. This practice has been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. For some additional resources, check out mobile apps like calm

Find what fulfills you

Many people live their entire lives feeling unfulfilled. This lack of fulfillment can stem from a variety of issues. Regardless of the reason, our satisfaction-level in life can dramatically change when we pursue things that bring joy. 

Help someone

At times, we can feel overwhelmed with our own situation. When we take a step away from our own problems to help others, it can offer us much-needed perspective. In fact, helping others can bring fulfillment and joy in our own lives. 

Exercise More Often

Whether is a morning stroll or a gym membership, implementing an exercise plan has many benefits to your life. Not only will exercise improve your personal well-being in untold ways, it can offer happiness and fulfillment. 

Sleep more often

In the business of our lives, time is a commodity. It can be tempting to take from our sleep time to “get more done”. If we are taking away our time to rest, we may be negatively impacting our lives. Getting at least seven hours of sleep will increase your energy, optimism, and overall happiness. 

The reality is that we are constantly learning. The moment we think we have “arrived” should reveal we need to adjust something. We all deserve to be happy, and to discover what it means to be happy with themselves. Discovering what makes you happy will thus change the way you think about your future. If you have struggled to find what makes you happy, today is a new day. Don’t let your past prevent you from finding joy in life. In reality, your past doesn’t have to define you, but it can allow you reach your dreams If you allow it.