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Learning to Celebrate

celebrating your family

What is your idea of a celebration? Many people celebrate others for the wrong reasons. Perhaps we show up for a party just to eat cake, or try to get something out of the event. When we celebrate others, we should think about creating positive memories for others. 

How do you empower others to feel celebrated? First, let’s define celebrating others – taking the time to block everything else out and celebrate that event. It can be tempting to cram as much as you can into your day, but when we do this we run the risk of missing out on a special moment with loved ones. Don’t forget to be in the moment. 

When you celebrate others, you take your eyes off your own ambitions, goals, and problems.

When you celebrate others, you take your eyes off your own ambitions, goals, and problems. From celebrating loved ones on holidays and events, this is an opportunity to be present in their lives. Many times, we are so busy that, even if we show up for parties, we are so consumed with the daily strife that we miss out on the special moments.

learning to celebrate others

 Celebrating causes us to lay aside our drama, daily problems and strife in our life. A celebration is your opportunity to honor an accomplishment, event, or milestone with others. Approaching these days with the right attitude allows for you to create memories and connect with those you care about. Think of yourself as someone else’s biggest cheerleader. When you cheer someone on, you give them hope and support. 

When we celebrate others, they will celebrate you. There is a saying we believe – if you aren’t celebrating others, you cannot be upset when no one is celebrating you. The reality is we all experience trauma. This trauma can make it difficult to celebrate those around you. When we are consumed with the pain in our lives, we may not feel like celebrating those around us. But that can often be the very thing that can move us out of those painful seasons. Celebrating during pain can bring a balance to life and help your family see what is most important. If you feel stuck, now is the perfect time to celebrate someone else. 

You can overcome every obstacle that is before you when you do it together. Taking time to support each other’s achievements as a family creates a special bond that unites your family. 

This bond can be the catalyst that carries you through the hard moments in life. When you encourage others around you, it will inspire them in untold ways. 

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