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Own Your Story

own your story

Everyone has a story. Your story will have its highs and lows. Moments of incredible joy and moments of deep sorrow. If you are feeling suffocated by life, keep reading. Many of us find ourselves forgetting how to dream. During a difficult season, dreaming may seem trivial but it can be one of the best ways to overcome the challenges in front of you. For more on dreaming, read this article on dreaming again. 

The story of your life is culmination of your life. There are moments that define who we are, for the better or worse. Owning your story means you have learned from the experiences life has brought you. At TYRO, we believe that your past doesn’t have to define you, but it can qualify you for your future if you allow it. 

In order to walk out your destiny, own your story. This is one of the most important keys to learn on your path to healing. When you can look at your past in the face and take charge of it, you will learn from it. These moments in your life that you may have wanted to hide from may be the moments that give you the strength to overcome the next challenge you face. 

telling your story

Do not let anyone disqualify you for your future. No one can define your future but you. When you learn to own the things that life has brought you, you will discover you are stronger than you know. This strength can be the catalyst to elevate you into success. 

“Everyone has a measure of pain, and measure of joy in their life. There are no exceptions.” – Catherine Tijerina 

You are not the only one. Don’t allow yourself to walk in shame, regret, or disbelief. You are not the only one that is walking through the pain you are feeling. There are millions of people learning to overcome the pain of their past. From trauma, abuse or incarceration, take a look around and see countless others who are learning to overcome.

Your story is not over. As long as you have breath, your story is not over. If you are not happy with where you are at, you still have the opportunity to flip the script in your life’s story. If you are stuck in the chapter of your life that you don’t like, turn the page. You can create your own destiny. You may not be able to control every aspect of your life, but you can control your own actions. This will help you learn to tell your story. 

Write your story. As you begin to think about your life, you may become overwhelmed by the moments of your past. To start, take out a sheet of paper and make a timeline of your life. On this timeline, write the most important moments in your life. These life-changing moments may be the birth of a child, a loved one’s prison sentence or other moments. As you chart your story, you will begin to see how these moments haver shaped who you are. If the event was painful or traumatic, write a line down, if it was positive or caused success, write a line up. When you are complete, you will see a snapshot of your life story so far. 

Tell your story. When we have the courage to tell your story, it takes the power away from the haters in your life. Start a journal and start writing the story of your life so far. As you begin to write, think about how your experiences have made you a better person. When you are ready, find a friend you can share your story with. When your past doesn’t define you, you can have the power to dream again. Your story will give you the tools to your success. These tools are the key to creating your family’s legacy. 

Become an influencer. As you learn from your life experiences, you gain invaluable skills and expertise that the world needs. A key part to owning your story is helping others overcome too. Find a way to give back to your community. From volunteering at a non-profit, to mentoring someone, create ways to help others reach success. 

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