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Making the most of prison visits

helping loved one in prison

There are few things that mean more to your loved one in prison than a visit. For someone who is incarcerated, these special moments can make the world of a difference. Many families may not think about how to make the most of your visit. We will share some ways to help you optimize your time in a visiting room. 

Leveraging that special time with your loved one by planning your visit can be one of the best things you can do for your relationship. Unfortunately, many take this time for granted. Whether it’s a lack of preparation or unintentional actions, this can be a missed opportunity to help your relationship grow stronger. 

Enjoy the experience – Once you approach visits with the right attitude, these can be incredibly hopeful moments in your week. These few precious minutes in your day have the potential to be the best time of your week. Make the most of this time by encouraging each other and spend less time being negative. The atmosphere you create in the visiting room will make it worth the effort it takes for both of you to get to the visiting room. Create an atmosphere that feels safe. 

Set the tone – You have the special opportunity to invest in the life of your loved one. Your attitude will have everything to do with how the visit will go. If you come into the visit with a bad attitude, carrying all your burdens with you, you will have a bad experience and will be less likely to enjoy the next visit. But, if you approach your time together with excitement, it will truly leave a lasting impact in both your lives. 

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Empower each other – It can be tempting to make a visit about yourself. From bills and legal counsel to drama and family needs it can be easy to fill the entire visit time with all work and no play. While these are important things to consider in any relationship, it is far better to make the effort to empower your loved one. And, despite the barriers, it can be a opportunity to grow and encourage each other. 

Four questions – Think of a couple engaging, thoughtful questions to ask your loved one. These questions can help break the ice throughout the visit. Think of light, stimulating conversations to help you connect and grow. If you have children going into the visit, include them in this process.

Eat together – There is something special about sharing a meal together. Don’t let the barrier of incarceration stop you from sharing a meal together. Whether it’s a meal from the vending machines or a light snack, budget to include meals into your next visit. 

Take time to invest in your future together. As you spend time together, you will find purpose in the pain of your today. This moment in your life does not have to define who you will become. Your loved one in prison is transitioning from a place of freedom to containment. They need you now more than ever in this time of change in your lives. Choosing to make prison visits special is one of the best choices you can make for your loved one in prison

No matter how bad it hurts, it is worth the investment. As painful as this moment in your life is, it’s important to see this as an event in your lives, not a lifestyle. Visits are vital to your time as a family. Cherish these moments. When possible, make and effort to further include other family members in these visits. Decide that your visit is an opportunity to grow together. 

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