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Priorities before coming home

coming home from prison

As you are planning on coming home from prison, it is important establish priorities. These priorities are fundamental to helping you navigate a new future for yourself. When you look at your future, it is crucial to determine how to re-enter your new world. This new future can be one of the biggest challenges yet. Today, we will identify four keys to put yourself in a great place to re-enter society. 

Relationships: When you leave those gates, it is essential to consider what kinds of relationships you want. In fact, relationships are one of the greatest keys to your success. For your children and your family members, considering what types of relationships you need will help you have a healthy re-entry and protect your future. You may need to distance yourself from old friends that are negative influences, or perhaps are hindering your success. 

Jobs: One of the greatest challenges facing re-entry is employment. Although companies should not discriminate, the reality is that some avoid potential employees with a past. It can be discouraging to be turned away from a job because of one’s past. 

job search after prison

You may not have control over how someone perceived you, but you do have control over how you respond and how you appear. Creating a positive reputation is one of the best ways to overcome this. As soon as you get out, find a job and work your hardest. Creating a positive reputation and job references is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success. In fact, there are many job opportunities for returning citizens. Seek out your local job and family services to learn more. 

Parole: One of the most critical relationships for your re-entry is your parole officer. Make your best effort to demonstrate you are trustworthy. Make your time with them a top priority. Take notes and do whatever you can to show them you are not only working on yourself but you are also working on contributing back to your community. 

Community: When you come home, it can be an overwhelming moment in your life. Not only are you met with an overwhelming sense of freedom, it can also be intimidating and lonely. Identifying key people, organizations and family members in your community can help you create a support system. This support system will create a safety net that will help you stand on your own two feet and start a new future for yourself. 

As you start your journey of re-entry, whether you or a loved one, it won’t be easy. There will be many opportunities to be frustrated or to make excuses. While these excuses may give you some relief, they will not help you become successful. Creating a plan that includes these four keys will help you prepare to grow and make a new reputation for yourself and your family. 

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