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Prison Visiting Rules During COVID-19

prison visits coronavirus

This is an unprecedented time.

We are all discovering new ways to live our lives in the middle COVID-19. As society adjusts to the world of social distancing, remote learning and economic changes. More people than ever are filing or unemployment and discovering ways to adjust to this trying season. As we are making changes for our families on the outside, your loved one in prison is going through difficult times too.

Just as every state is tackling the mitigation of the virus, so are the prisons. With many prisons reporting inmates and staff  are sick from Coronavirus, the Federal Bureau of Prisons issued an action plan that is intended to protect the inmates and staff from infection. This plan includes limited or suspended in-person visits. Although these safety measures are meant to keep people safe, it can be overwhelming to families if they aren’t prepared for it.


Phone calls

There is other ways to stay connected in this trying season. The Federal Prisons have allotted more time for family calls, from 300 minutes/ month to 500 minutes. If a legal visit is needed during this time, some prisons are making exceptions to this rule. For more info, be sure to contact the prison directly.

family time prison visits covid-19

Video Calls

Many prisons also have the capacity to setup video calls to loved ones as well. While some of these prisons require fees to do so, the cost is minimal and will mean to world to them.

Writing Letters

Writing letters is such a vital way to keep your loved one’s moral boosted. This is an opportunity for them to have something to hold onto. Letters also give them something to go back to when they are feeling low. For more information on what to write about, read this article we wrote on the topic.

Visiting with your loved one in prison during this Pandemic is more important than ever, as increased time spent with loved ones decreases anxiety, tension and misconduct.

We are all in this together.